Monday, January 3, 2011

TSX Up 14% In 2010

Ironically if you listen to the propagandists at the Liberal party, they have been screaming about what a terrible fiscal year this has been for Canada. The government is allegedly destroying our country's finances and leading us into inevitable ruin. Despite this economic Armageddon that has allegedly befallen us, the Toronto Stock Exchange was up 14% for 2010. The Canadian dollar was up 6%, unemployment went down, and all reliable economic indicators show that our economy is in fantastic shape, especially when compared to the rest of the G20.

When you hear the Chicken Littles, or Chicken Liberals scream that the sky is falling economically when all signs point to strong and steady; you should be advised that they are only serving their own self interest by election mongering and making incorrect assessments about our nation's strong fiscal performance.


  1. That reflects badly on them and I say good for that. It gets the Conservatives that much closer to a majority.

  2. I've been following the "Harperdex" on and off for a while now. To date, a $1000 investment is now $1411, and yet people are upset that he was right. The left would rather Canada fail for their own gain.

    Alberta Bob