Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Liberals Broke

If you don't have very much money, what do you do to publish advertising? You could try to get the media to follow your daily tour stops to get your face on TV, but the reason the Liberal Party is not running ads ahead of the election they claim to want is because they can't afford to. The Liberals complete futility at raising money is becoming a major problem. Canadian Sense put it beautifully yesterday in No Money, No Ads. "Why are Liberals threatening an election if they can't get their own financial house in order? (Have they given up trying to find new donors?)"

Why do you think the opposition parties refuse to relinquish their tax payer subsidies? Because they can't afford to live without the handouts.


  1. No money? You mean they squandered all the forty million they stole from the public already?

  2. End the subsidies, end the gravy train. If you are relevent, your supports will give.

  3. The Conservatives save money by stealing copyrighted content from the CBC. When will Harper respect the law?

    The Liberals do very well with fundraising if the limit is lifted. There is no logical reason to limit donations to a $1,000 if the subsidies go. Just open it wide up and let the parties go.

  4. Poor nonny can't figure out why is party is becoming irrelevant.

    The fake left in the 90's worked but will fail in 2011. The NDP, Bloc and Green will pick up on the Liberal seats.

    The CPC will also and Ignatieff will vindicate Dion.

  5. Why would someone donate to the party and leader that demanded billions in deficit spending,
    and then that party and leader condemned the spending?

    Why would a business person donate to the party and leader that made a long term committment of reducing taxes, and then half way thru the committment changed their minds?

    Why would Canadians donate to a party and leader who's intentions are insincere
    and their word/vote/signatures mean nothing?

  6. Why won't Liberals support Liberals? "If you believe Donate". In the spirit of bipartisan cooperation, this slogan is offered as a humble gift. lol Cheers.

  7. Boy, is Anon 7:25 delusional or what ? How can you steal copyrighted material from a company that we as taxpayers support ?. And what about the liberals Adscam money. Did they spend all of that already ? So, by your own admission, only a few rich people support the liberals, not most regular, taxpaying Canadians.

  8. Anon, why do you think only a few people donating more than a 1000.00 would make a difference. What if only those people voted liberal. Why do liberals expect others to carry their water, and wont put their money where their mouth is.
    Perfect example of a lib voter, take but don't give.

  9. "Anonymous said...
    The Conservatives save money by stealing copyrighted content from the CBC. When will Harper respect the law?"

    The Conservatives would have to "steal" a whole lot more from the CBC to make up for all the free promotion the CBC gives the Liberals.

    The Liberals should have to declare the Billion dollars we give the CBC as an election expense!!!