Sunday, January 30, 2011

Coming Soon: Canadian Parliament

I bet everyone is really excited for Parliament to be returning to business on Monday, I know that I am! YES, YES, YES! Iggy's fall voting attendance was 19%, so we will see if he shows up to vote on legislation more than 1 in 5 votes. I can't say that I'm optimistic on that one. Has Ignatieff been the most absent MP in this session of Parliament? YES YES YES! 30 of the top 40 most absent MPs are Liberals. Making democracy work by not showing up to vote. Remember last year about this time when they were screaming how important it was that Parliament be allowed to do its job? After all that sanctimonious rambling, you would expect them to show up to work a little more often.

By contrast, how often do Tory MPs show up to work? 92 of the top 100 most present MPs are Conservative. Now the Tories need to craft an eagerly anticipated budget, but I need to warn Mr. Flaherty that he should think twice before putting any Liberal policy positions into his budget. There is a risk that the Liberals will suddenly decide it is advantageous to switch positions and attack the government for agreeing with them in the first place. I know that it may feel healthy for a democratically elected government to include policies of the opposition parties in their legislation, but the Liberals will attack you for agreeing with them.


  1. Ouch! Steve V is going to have a hard time turning these numbers into an election winner

    Look at these new poll results Jan 24-27,
    Canadians think Iffy 'didn't come back for us'

    73% said the former Harvard University professor should quit if the Liberals do poorly,
    50% said he is “not a leader

    13% said Iffy is honest
    (Ducey only 19%, the shine is coming off the seppies!)

    In it for the right reason
    40% Layton
    36% Harper
    18% Duceppe
    16% Iffy

    "People may not like where the country’s going in some cases, but he’s (PMSH) got some kind of tenure and respect that the others can’t touch,” Mr. Wright said.

  2. old white guy says. these jokers can do less damage when they are on vacation. maybe they should meet once a year for a bbq or something.

  3. Put your ear to the rail - do you hear it?
    That's the Conservative engine roaring down the tracks that suggests the majority is making its way to the station as it were.
    It is conceivable that an election could be in the cards, but I don't believe that Libs/Dips are looking forward to it. The saber-rattling is always front and centre but rarely comes to anymore than that.
    Hopefully, common sense will prevail.
    Welcome back to Canadian politics where no one ever said it would be dull and boring eh?

    E Mac