Saturday, January 22, 2011

Liberals "Bleeding Enthusiasm"

Friday on the Soloman Show a pollster (not named Graves) came on to describe the current state of the Liberal Party of Canada. When discussing Ignatieff's personal likability and approval numbers, he made the magnificent conclusion that the Liberals are "bleeding enthusiasm". That is brilliant, and I wish I would have thought of it myself. This explains why Iggy can't gain traction with non-Liberals, and why the party is having so much trouble raising money. Because Liberals themselves are bleeding enthusiasm. I seem to recall a recent poll that had 1/3 of Liberals wanting a new leader. Great time for an election guys, see you there!


  1. The situation is unquestionably different for Michael Ignatieff, with a majority of Canadians (56%) and almost half of Liberal voters in 2008 (46%) claiming that the Grits should change their leader before the next federal election.

    Stephen Harper gets a vote of confidence from 79 per cent of those who voted for the Tories in the 2008 federal ballot.

    Another Pollster Darrel Bricker found it unusual for a opposition leader to have such "negative" numbers in another Poll.

    I have been stating the next blue wave may come from the unpopularity of the liberal brand and leader vs the Report card of the government.

    Harper (43%) Continues to Best Layton (33%) and Ignatieff (24%) as Man Who Canadians Say Would Make Best Prime Minister of Canada

  2. I'd say that's he's wrong, it's another case of wishful thinking on their part because the designated driver of that clown car named the Liberal Party of Toronto is a true reflection of the whole sorry lot of them.

    The fact that he beaked off about this to a government journalist is an indicator that there is a Mutiny on the Bounty-less.

    But, such is life on a ship of thieves.