Sunday, January 30, 2011

Ignatieff Supported "Crazy" Legislation

Liberal leader Mike Ignatieff gave an amusing interview on Question Period today. He called corporate tax cuts "crazy", despite Oliver reminding him that they are becoming law because the Liberals supported them when it was time to vote. Of course Iggy doesn't have a straight answer for that. Here he is running around the country saying that the sky is falling because legislation he supported and allowed to pass is about to become law. That kind of depraved hypocrisy shouldn't be fooling anybody. Iggy didn't flop on corporate taxes until after the budget.

If you're running a minority government, how are you supposed to govern effectively when your opposition encourages specific policies, then turns around and attacks them after they become law? If these tax cuts are so demonstrably destructive, is it too much to ask the official opposition to say so before the government compiles its budget? I'm just saying...


  1. Why doesn't the media make a big deal of this? I'll tell you why, the media will sell the most papers/advertisements if we have a coalition take over of the government after the next election. That's my conspiracy theory, called job security.


  2. Basically then Mr Ignatieff said and I quote
    "Yes, Yes, Yes, Way, to the tax legislation he now says is "Crazy".
    What has changed between then and now?
    It wouldn't be the Waffle trying for a bump in the polls so he can risk an election would it?
    Either that or Mr Ignatieff is the "crazy" one.

  3. 'What has changed between then and now?'

    The failed coalition of losers coup changed everything. There is no turning back.

    Iffy needs there to be no contentious issues between Libs and Dippers,
    that's why Rae rushed to extend the Afghan mission,
    get it done and off the table,
    so Iffy could skate on Dipper ice.

  4. Did Ignatieff have his 'road to damascus' moment? Can he now see the truth - the error of his ways?

    It's not out of the realm for someone to change their mind about something, but it does seem as though he's performed a rather large flip-flop/waffle/dither...

  5. It isn't against the law to change your mind about something, but it is a little much to make the central focus of an election campaign something you supported less than a year ago.

  6. Igg is such an A-Hole! Talk about flip flopping, Igg should be performing his routine in Cirque de Soleil. The Tories should run an ad that lays out the menagerie of different positions and flip flops Igg has had since being inserted as the "Liberal" leader. Think about what would happen to Igg if we actually had a real media that would hold him to account.

  7. Too true! If that's going to be the central plank of a platform - simply because he wants to be PM... well he might as well just run as an NDP candidate.

    But then the only major party he'd have left to emulate would be the Bloc! Maybe he'll think the break-up of Canada is a good idea next!

  8. old white guy says. every time i hear some dufus talk about corp taxes i ask one question. just what comprises a corp? one word answer, people.

  9. Olli The Owl said that to Iggy ?!?! Amazing.