Monday, January 24, 2011

NDP War Room

Today we got a sneak peak into the NDP war room on Power Play, and the NDP really, really wants you to know how ready they are to fight an election; even when polls and recent byelection results indicate this might not be a good time for them to go to the electorate. What they have is a wall with half a dozen big screen TVs, all set to a different news channel (I'm sure they'll get set back to Teletoon when the CTV cameras leave). They have maybe 20 people sitting at computers surfing the internet, some I'm sure covering the blogosphere (hi guys). In the corner they have a small green screen filming area where they do up to the minute damage control as their local candidates are forced to resign over various controversies (such as Dana Larsen).

Watching the whole tour, it felt artificial, like they are really trying to sell how ready they are. Meanwhile in the most recent round of byelections the NDP performed miserably. They have to be concerned about going to the polls right now, so this "we are really ready for an election" enthusiasm they are trying to sell feels so fake.


  1. agreed. i think jack is done though, 98% sure he will step down after next election. maybe he just wants to get it over with, and go out in a blaze of glory, so he wants to hog every last minute of attention he has. (you know, kind of like he has been doing for the last 6 years.)

  2. What a phoney war.

    Jack pretends he will support the budget with demands from the Libs 2008 Green shift (increases to GIS)
    Iffy demands NDP #1 policy from the 2008 campaign, 'no corp tax cuts'

    Jack says he will focus on CPC seats only.
    Iffy takes a feable stab at one Dipper riding they have no hope nor intention of winning.

    They have an agreement,
    but we are not supposed to put 2+2 together.