Monday, January 17, 2011

5 Years Of Stephen Harper

Saturday the National Post dedicated several pages to the 5 year anniversary of Stephen Harper's reign as Prime Minister. The commentary wasn't all positive, as some pundits wrote scathing pieces. Conrad Black declared that there is a new natural governing party. Ivison wrote a great piece on why Canadians are better today than 5 years ago, countering recent election mongering assertions by Ignatieff. David Frum called 5 years of stable governance a "great accomplishment", while Rex Murphy said he hasn't moved mountains, but he has kept the seas calm.

Stephen Harper is a couple months away from cracking the top ten list of longest serving Prime Ministers in Canadian history, minority government or otherwise. So the Post had all their writers do a piece about 5 years of Harper, but I want to know what you think. I think Rex put it best that there is more we can look for, but given the complicated nature of minority governance, it is remarkable how effective Stephen Harper has been at his job. One thing you don't see the Liberals playing these days is the "hidden agenda" card. He has been our Prime Minister for 5 years and guided us through an incredible economic recovery. The hidden agenda message just don't bite anymore.

I strongly approve of the job Prime Minister Harper has done despite the harsh reality of minority government. They are designed to fail, he makes it work.


  1. I generally approve of the job Harper has done,though he hasn't been quite as "conservative" as I'd like.

    Proper treatment of Veterans is one issue,the HRC's mandate another,family class immigration is another, but I also realize the other Parties would have done even worse in these areas,so Harper will get my support.

    We also have a first rate Conservative MP in my riding,whom I'd vote for under any banner.


  2. I believe PM Harper has done a reasonably good job for a Liberal biased PM. At 72 years old I remember when the Liberal party was about what the Conservatives are now and the position they take now was that of the CCF that is now the NDP. Canada no longer has a conservative slightly right of centre party to vote for. We lost that option when the current conservatives in name only destroyed the Reform party and evolved into their current state.

  3. I think Harper's time in office has been excellent. To a great extent, he's left me alone, and that's what I want from a government. The longer he's in power the longer the Liberals aren't able to start new spending programmes with my money. Is he as conservative as I'd like? Not really. Is he more reasonable and conservative than the other choices? By far.

  4. Given the hand and being a pragmatist I have been very pleased with his managing of the government.

    No Canoe Museum in his riding plans from what I can tell.

    My thoughts are about his family and his time away from them for duties of the PM.

  5. Yes, veterans need a good deal, that is doable in a minority situation.
    Later the subsidy for political parties should definitly be crushed. Let the chips fall where they may.

  6. Canada is a centre nation, hence any minority government needs to be centred, anyone on the left or right will be out of office PDQ. IF the CPC ever get a majority, they will drift right.

  7. I like how we are going; Liberals and coalition couldn't and cannot master the work which the PM has done for Canada during the worst recession which plagued the world. He boldly took or shall I say, introduce our country to country where economical crises face them by opening our doors to foreign businesses to build their lost job in canada.
    Businesses and companies from the States have taken root here since the job crises in the states is increasing.

    The opposition parties can't accept the fact how great canada is so wrapped up are they around themselves that nothing outside of their boundaries is recognizable nor be of any interest to them.
    I can't complain but be grateful that our nation is one of the stable countries in the world.
    The amazing thing of all, the PM and CPC did what they had to do for Canada without the help from the National Media and backing of the Coalition parties.Nothing surprising of course!