Saturday, January 29, 2011

Mark Holland Most Hated Liberal MP?

Jane Taber has now declared that "Mark Holland has earned the status of most-hated Liberal MP among Stephen Harper’s Conservatives". While he certainly makes my top 10 list, he is up against some stiff competition for most dislikable. She even goes on to use such ghastly inflamatory language as "right at the top of the unofficial list of seats Conservatives have in their sights as they aim for a majority government". How dare she use the words "sights" and "aim"! Such careless language could encourage violence! All this after Barak Obama called for more civility! Shame on you Jane...

So today's poll question, which Liberal MP do you "hate" the most? Also note the use of sarcasm in the above paragraph.


  1. There. The most awesomest, amazingest, blog that ever was is now on my blog roll. sheesh

  2. meh. well ok then. I only ever got a couple clicks from you anyway and they were probably my own.

    I'm not taking you off my list anyway cause I still like your spam posting.

    Happy trails Iceman.

  3. You need to put "All of the above".

  4. Each Liberal has their own self-serving trait, so my answser would be: Each and everyone of them.
    I love to trash them equally, so none of them can complain about political bias.
    "Once respected - Now rejected much like the CBC."

    E Mac

  5. I agree,all of the above should be there.It is not too late to start over.

  6. i would say any MP with a neo-liberal, social justice mindset. that includes soft-c conservatives too.

  7. This is like asking how high is up. You could get a brain cramp deciding which one is the most detestable.

  8. You forgot my personal favorite, Marlene Jennings.

  9. P E T! No contest. All the rest flow from that gaseous emination.

  10. Joe Volpe, Jim Karygiannis are always on top of my list.

  11. Oh yes, of course, Marlene Jennings. What a self -important windbag. It must make her brain( using the term loosely) hurt to be so full of phoney outrage all the time.

  12. Ujjal Dosangh
    David Mcguinty
    Hedy Fry
    Marlene Jennings.

    ^are the worst.

    as for John McCallum, he's always been the perfect political villain.
    Having the right amount of sinister with a pinch of diabolical genius.
    He's too classic to belong on the list.