Saturday, January 15, 2011

Tony Clement Visits Restoule

Nobody can ever say that Tony Clement doesn't care about the little guy. He is doing a Townhall meeting today in Restoule. If you have never been to Restoule (as 99.999% of the country has not) it isn't even really a town and its out in the middle of nowhere. You have to drive for an hour to get to North Bay, which is a Metropolis by comparison. I have spent many hours in Restoule and have a lot of family in the area. When I went to University in Guelph, I would describe Restoule as "you drive up to nowhere, turn left, and drive for an hour." People from Restoule would generally answer yes a lot to Jeff Foxworthy's "you might be a redneck" questionnaire.

It is a great place to rent a cottage in the summer time, but I can't see the benefit to our industry minister doing a Townhall there. There is no industry in Restoule! Except tourism; they know how to party and have fun. Great hunting and fishing if you are looking for an affordable vacation destination to take your family. I suppose those are Tony's constituents, and it is admirable that a minister would visit such a tiny and remote population.


  1. If you are in the upper income bracket or just rich you can afford to have a cottage or summer retreat there. That's the .009% who go there.

  2. I was allowed and invited by the First Nations people of the Dokis reserve to experience and participate in a Maple syrup harvest in the early spring one year. I had to drive a hour on muddy dirt roads just to get there.
    Beautiful land, gracious people industrious, with a boat load of history. I left thinking, "I wonder the CBC never tells this story to the rest of Canada". There must be so many awesome people with interesting stories that are outside of Toronto. What is the mandate of the CBC again. Do they have a mission statement.

  3. OT, but, when there is a by-election do those votes count for the subsidy, and perhaps added or subtracted from the original vote.

  4. Old fellow, there are plenty of places that you can rent a cottage for a week at a really good price. You don't need to own a cottage there.