Monday, January 10, 2011

Expanding Prison Capacity

Today's poll question; do you think that expanding Canada's prison capacity is a quality expenditure for our government? It was recently announced that the government will spend $2 billion dollars to expand 8 penitentiaries, in a move which will give us space for the tougher sentencing laws that have already been passed. Our current prison network is brutally overcrowded, so if you are going to have tougher sentences, you need to expand capacity. You can't very well support tougher sentencing if you are against expanding capacity. That's almost as bad as voting to send troops to war and then voting against funding them. I expect the Liberals to attack the government on this prison expansion initiative, despite many Liberals voting in favour of tougher minimum sentences. Then again, hypocrisy is something that I have come to expect from the Liberal Party of Canada.


  1. They have spent months attacking the money directed to resolve the over crowding.

    They have done the same thing with the Jet purchase as the CF are falling out of the sky and will be nearing the useful life of their frames.

    The Liberals are not about being honest with the voters and the difficult choices made through neglect by them for decades. This is just another example of our present government cleaning up the Liberal messs-neglect left behind.

  2. Of course libs wont spend money on prisons or jets, they need that money for their entitlements.
    After all, gum is expensive.

  3. If they're overcrowded, they're overcrowded, and we have to build.

  4. This is a core area of federal responsibility. If we are to criticize, then criticize the billions spent in non-core services.

  5. We don't keep building hospitals to fix disease, we find a CURE!