Friday, January 7, 2011

Farewell Governator

California's Arnold Schwartzenegger experiment has come to an end. Today's poll question; do you think the Arnold was a good Governor? I admit to being happy when the so called Republican was first elected, but his tenure was an unmitigated disaster. I never expected him to do a good job, there was just something strangely funny about the Governator winning such a Liberal state. He turned out not to be Conservative at all, and his fiscal policy was a complete failure. He was a better Governor than Jesse Ventura, but that ain't saying much. A chimpanzee would make a better Governor than "the body".


  1. I can't understand why anyone would think that a person with no real world experience would make a good political leader. Arnold,Obama,Ventura,what's the difference in real world experience?

    Whether a professional actor,athlete,intellectual or musician,the "beautiful people" inhabit an unreal world where they are catered to and every whim is brought to fruition by people behind the scenes,when the star has to actually DO something concrete, he hasn't a clue about how to proceed.

    Some people in show business have a good business background and COULD do a good job,for instance,if Californians had elected Lucille Ball Governor back in the 'sixties,they'd probably still be one of the richest areas on earth.But she was too busy running Desilu Studios to bother with politics.

    Arnold is the Republican version of Obama,he even said that the U.S. should amend it's Constitution to allow HIM to run for President!
    And people call Obama arrogant!

    California is going to experience a lot of financial pain,and if they continue to elect "sexy" stars instead of dull,drab accountants and business managers,the State in going to remain in it's present state and worse.

    Just tackling the State Employee featherbedding will cause riots in the streets,and removing AS's insane environmental regulations will be even harder in the face of the many activists in California.

    Maybe the rest of the U.S. should just close the border to California,and let them stew in their own sewage.


  2. I agree with everything dmorris said and would add that the pardon of a murderer on his last day in office was the cherry on the whole experiment.