Friday, January 7, 2011

World Food Prices Soaring

In a good news/bad news story for Canada (one of the largest food producers in the world) suddenly food prices are peaking again. There was flooding and other freaky weather around the world this year, significantly reducing food stocks. I'm sure Al Gore will blame this on climate change, but prices vary according to supply and demand. Reduce supply while demand is always increasing, and there will be price spikes. Impoverished nations that can't produce enough food to feed their large populations are going to have serious problems. Canadians shouldn't feel it very much considering the strength of our agricultural base.

If food ceases to become available in a number of hotbeds, we could have a very serious problem on our hands. We shall see how this plays out elsewhere.


  1. Maybe they will blame it on climate change, but I'm thinking that because the religion of AWG is waning, they are coming up with other things to keep the masses scared and in check. Read Michael Crichtons book, "SAtate Of Fear".

  2. They can start alleviating the food shortage by putting the land they took out of food production for ethanol production, back into food production.

    That oughtta put a big dent in the shortages.

    bert I read Crichton's book last year, his character makes an excellent point at the end.

    I wonder why Hollywood hasn't lined up to make this book into a film.

    No, I don't really wonder.


  3. This food inflation is happening because all these commodities are sold and traded in US dollars. That’s what’s impacting everything.

  4. The environmentalists want to keep food prices higher (by forcing a Ctax on it)because creating food also creates GHG's.
    Higher food prices mean more people will starve.

    At least if they are dead then they won't have to worry about climate change.