Monday, January 24, 2011

Stephen Harper Day

As I was leaving the house to go to work on the 5th Anniversary of Stephen Harper the Prime Minister, I was thinking, this should be a statutory holiday. We should have a day every year where we celebrate the leadership of Stephen Harper and make it a stat holiday so that citizens can have day off work to show up to their local festivities. While we're at it, I would also love to see them build a giant platinum statue of Stephen Harper on the lawn of parliament. Not necessarily as tall as the Statue of Liberty, but on that scale. For a stimulus project, we should consider carving Stephen Harper's face into the side of a mountain someplace in Canada and make that area a national park. We could then hold annual Stephen Harper Day events at these venues.

PS: This is me doing a parody of myself, if you didn't notice the sarcasm. My tongue was in my cheek, though I'm sure that some of you took me seriously. But on a serious note, I think that he has been an outstanding Prime Minister under very difficult circumstances.


  1. I would settle for a deprogramming day of Liberalism in schools, our media and our community.

    (Sarc off)

    It is cruel to see the people walking around the city with a Big L or a small on their forehead just before they join the lemming brigade on their latest stunt to save mankind.

  2. Great idea. We could also hold a Michael Iggnatief day, where traditionally, we could all have waffles for breakfast.
    The difference between you and I, Ice Man, is that I'm not kidding, at least as far as the "Iggy Day" goes.

  3. Why not a day where we raid the offices of CBC,Ottawa citizen,Ctv and all the regular MSM idiot media offices just for the fun of it and take all their records.Just like elections Canada raided the Conservative HQ office's awhile back.Something like that would be fun eh!Or maybe a kick a Liberal in the ass day while saying i,m not a Liberal,but that is the way that Conservatives show Liberals affection. So here is another one because we love you so much.Maybe something along those lines would be

  4. And in the interim, perhaps the Tooth Fairy will discover a magical injection that will allow rightwingers to grow a sense of humour.

  5. Why not rename "Mt.Trudeau", "Mt.Harper"! Chretien thought nothing of renaming "Mt.Logan" named after someone who actually did something positive for Canada,and the Country's highest peak,after his good communist buddy,so why not rename the 8600 foot high hill "Mount PE Trudeau", 60 miles West of Valemount,B.C. after Harper.

    We can rename the Valemount town dump after Trudeau.

    That'd be sure to get the MSM talking! I can hear heads at every TV network in the Country exploding.

    Oh,and if we DO have a national holiday, may I suggest that only Conservative voters get the day off with pay? It'd be interesting to see how many people would claim to have voted Conservative. Heh heh.


  6. Hey I grew up in Valemount!Beautiful town by the way.I remember when Justin came to town and the mountain was dedicated to his father. I don't remember anyone being impressed by his presence there. I love the idea of renaming the mountain to MT. HARPER the greatest prime minister Canada has had so far!!!!!!!Hes doing a great Job!!!!

  7. Hehe just gotta stir up the hornets nest dontcha?Poke the sleeping bear?

    Considering the last 5 years, were doing just fine under Mr Harper's watch right now.

    After seeing whats happened in the Russian capital the last 5 years, The G20 incident just seems cheesy nowadays.No bombings, no one killed.Keep that in mind the next time someone calls Mr Harper fascist/dictator.