Sunday, January 23, 2011

Discouraging Abortion

While I have always been and always will be pro choice, I do think that there is a good reason to discourage abortion in Canada 2011. It is not a matter of religion or morality (I am an agnostic humanist), but rather a simple matter of economics. The baby boomers are starting to retire and we are about to face a very serious labour demographic problem in our country. There is about to be an enormous influx of cost on a shrinking labour force. Canada pension expenses goes up, health care costs explode, and there are fewer tax payers to pay for it. Ladies of Canada, I support your right to choose, but right now we need future workers and we need them as soon as you can produce them. Please start cranking out more kids.

And read America Alone by Mark Steyn.


  1. Tsk, Tsk, Iceman, you can't have it both ways! Now, go out, get married and have a family. Remember, once you commit to a family, you need to stop golfing and start supporting said family! (Just messing with you!)

    Another way to look at it is that with baby boomers retiring, those people in their 20's and 30's are set to move very rapidly up the corporate ladder. You are in an excellent position to advance your career as we oldies retire.

  2. You can't make people want to have children. They either want them or they don't. The women who seek abortions are often women who shouldn't be pregnant in the first place-- I'm thinking of teens and college students.

    The demographic issue will only be solved by people WANTING kids. They must want to have at least 3 children. I support you discouraging women from having abortions-- naturally-- but the demographic issue is a not persuasive. Rather, we should be asking women who are prepared to have children to have at least three children.

  3. ....WOW, how "thoughtful".

    I hope some of the so-cons in the party's tent can take the effort to educate you on the facts around Canada's lack of abortion laws and why its a big deal.

    Using aborted fetuses for some vaccines not being the least of which.

    Our economy will be fine. Kick the marxist out of the white house and avoid a possible oncoming world war etc and so forth...
    Everyone I know is making babies in the mean time our government's immigration reform will do us well enough for the time being. Else... we start importing robots from Japan.

    Give it five years or so and they'll have something going... with.. that...stuff.

    in the meantime...

    There are natural metheds to avoid pregnancy that doesn't result in the needless death of a living being. Charting around ovulation period helps tremendously.

    Do a simple search for Taking Charge Of Your Fertility. Good for both making babies or not getting pregnant sooner than you intend.

    I've brought this up before. Links and all. It's not a bunch of tree hippie hocus-pocus.

    At any rate, I don't think it necessary to bring in abortion laws but rather expose abortion for the nastiness it is and provide people with better options.

    It seems that birth control for men is not far off. (frikkin took there sweet ass time).

    I don't know about you but I'm still all for the robots.... robots... robots...


    That out to put the commies out of business!... less the somehow convince the droids are somehow repressed.... *sigh*... Idk, I'll leave them issues with the Asimov crowd to sort out.

    Robots rising against humans what sill talk. blaming us for countless virtual "war crimes" dating all the way back to pac-man or chess. or take the opposite side and charging us for having human only multiplayer matches.... but really the robots would probably cheat as much as the human players anyway. I don't see what good all the arguing will do.

    I blame the lack of points rewarded to following ROE and honor codes. Everyone just goes cheap ass on one another as is. "HA-HA I just rocketed you in the back!" shouldn't be the highlight of every match.

    Should just pack it in and bust out the good ol'pen & paper gaming.... *sigh* how I miss the 20 sided die... seen a two hundred sided dice ones... now that was somethin!
    Like to see what the robots think-a-that!

    In case killer robots from the future read this and track it back to me, I am not who is typing this! For REALS!

  4. YOU'RE pro-choice? So disappointed....

  5. Damint... is like i donn evn spekka the englace somma tims.



    ^"once" though in truth it may of been thrice times...........


    ^all other grammer bust ups.... purpouseful of COURSE don't be needed them robs-barts following me down in a future time... so fast. HUAH!

  6. Right on Iceman. I feel the same way exactly. I'm more atheist than agnostic (make a decision, its obvious) and I'd like to see less abortions too. I think economics is the biggest factor in keeping a baby. Abortions should be more expensive, while taxes should also be lower. Its far too easy to have an abortion. A baby is never a good personal economic decision so free unlimited abortions will unnaturally reduce the population. It should always remain legal, but we can do more to help new parents make the better choice.

  7. How sad that no one mentioned adoption as an option to pregnancy. Looks like those imposed Planned Parenthood curriculums have been effective.
    The Governor in the State of Texas will introduce a bill that all women seeking elective abortions (that do not threaten the life of the mother) will require an ultrasound prior to the procedure. This is to help ensure they are making an "informed" choice.
    We have more information available on the label of a new snowblower than we do regarding the issue of human life.

  8. "I think economics is the biggest factor in keeping a baby."

    This,my friend, is about the "dumbest" statement you can possibly make when talking about the reasons to kill an unborn child.

    I'm not even deeply religious myself but to hear someone say that you should kill a baby if you can't afford it is "unreal".

    I mean,seriously?

    And IceMan, you are the farthest thing from a Conservative.

    You support killing unborn kids, importing millions of Asians, and you call yourself a "proud" Canadian?

    Let me guess, you also support gun control(a little bit) and free government run health care(well, maybe a little bit).

    You're a PC bud, which is no different than being a "Progressive"

    Same shit.

  9. nicely put Jan.

    That bill in Texas is a good idea.

  10. Hmmm..and I thought sticking a surgical knife in the neck of a viable human being was a good enough reason to do away with this barbaric practice.

  11. Not gonna touch the abortion issue.

    It should be easier for working couples to have more children.
    We'd have more than two if we could.

    Maybe if tax freedom day was in February rather than July we could afford to have more children. (Instead of subsidizing others to have children on our behalf.)

    When we had ours, it was hard enough living on one paycheque and making the rent on our two bedroom apartment.
    I had a run in once with the united way rah rah guy where I used to work.
    He used some strong arm guilt on me and I got mad.
    "it's only a few dollars a paycheque."
    "You're in management, you're supposed to set an example."

    I replied no thanks, but I thought:
    "You know what? Sometimes I only have twenty bucks left in my wallet to pay for baby formula and diapers after payday. You guys should be paying me. Now please fuck off."

    I haven't given a cent to any charity since we had kids.
    My charity is my family.
    That's not true.
    Once in a while I'll give five bucks to the guy in the liquor store parking lot.
    But that's my choice.