Thursday, January 27, 2011

Ignatieff-Harper Debates

One thing that I would love to see happen in the next election campaign is for the leaders of the Tories and Liberals to meet regularly for head to head debates. You can still have your both languages all party debates to make sure everyone gets a voice, but I would like to see Harper challenge Iggy to additional head to head debates. I don't think Ignatieff can hold his own on a policy debate with Harper, and needs the other opposition parties to distract attention from his inadequacy. Historically about 3/4 of Canadians are deciding between Liberal and Conservative. It makes perfect sense to have some extra debates between the parties that most Canadians are deliberating on, displaying the major differences between these two parties.

Iggy would look really weak saying no, but his best case scenario is an all party debate where he has help.


  1. Forcing Canadians to watch these debates would violate their rights according to The Geneva Convention.

  2. What I'd like to see is Iggy and Jack having a contest where they slam their heads in drawers of steel filing cabinets.

    But the debate would be cool too,

  3. The opposition should have their own debates first called the biggest loser.

    Than the winner gets to meet up with our PM and compare vision platform and they can throw in a few musical numbers.

  4. Has Iggy promised Lizzy a Senate seat yet so they can gang up on Jack?

  5. PM Harper is the government,he should refuse to discuss anything or debate anything if that puke mouth Elizabeth is there.Let them debate without him.He can just take the questions and buy air time and give his answers.Let the Opposition make idiots of themselves and make up shit all they want.It is time that PM Harper put these Television and opposition idiots in there place.The green party has no place in a debate,because they are not members of parliament.

  6. During the next election campaign there should be debates featuring only the CPC,LPC,and NDP, no Bloc, no Greenies until they have an elected MP.

    Ideally,there'd be two or three debates between Harper and Ignatieff, but in our oh-so-fair-and- equal society,every bit player has to take part,too,so it's unlikely.

    We'll continue to see May,Duceppe and Layton expound on what the government should do to make this Country better for all of us,while they know well they'll never have a chance to head that government.

    And,please,go back to the dais setting,rather than the kitchen table format they used last time. The candidates all looked out of place in that setting. I don't know what the idea was,probably the work some genius at CBC.


  7. I think they should only have one person from the Coalition at a time attacking the Pm in a "Debate"....have each of them on a one on one with the prime minister (2 debates), no BLOCK or Elizabeth May,and have it on CPAC (without Goldhawk) and no Mansbridge or CBC within a 100 mile radius of the thing.

  8. I'd like to see regional debates,
    where the questions are issues of that region only.
    Iffy would have a lot of learnin' to do about Canada.

    And put a kill switch on Lizzy's mic.