Thursday, January 20, 2011

Lance Armstrong Investigated

A federal grand jury is now investigating allegations that cycling legend and cancer survivor Lance Armstrong took performance enhancing drugs. Personally I think this is a waste of time and money. I don't care if he did it, because cycling is the dirtiest sport for "performance enhancing" in the world next to maybe bodybuilding. I feel confident declaring that a substantial proportion of the people Lance beat on the road to victory were juicing or doping. Cycling catches dozens of cheaters per year, and those are just the guys who don't have trainers who can beat the test.

Do I think Lance Armstrong somehow enhanced his performance? I don't know. His success was statistically remarkable, but I'm not going to cast guilt on him because I see the whole sport as guilty. What I do know is that Lance beat cancer and has raised millions of dollars towards saving the lives of other people stricken with cancer. If they find him guilty and strip him of his Tour de France titles, I bet whomever they give it to was not racing as "God intended". Performance enhancing or not, Lance Armstrong is still on my hero list.


  1. Plus he was doing the nasty with Sheryl Crow when she was still hot and before she went nuts!

  2. The French tried to pin doping charges to him starting when he won his first "Tour" and have continued even after he retired. I wonder is this a continuation of that because it really ripped them that he won THEIR race so many times or is this a new one by someone else that hates him for some other reason. I have no idea if he doped or not but I think it is time to give the most drug tested human in existence a rest from it. He is retired. Let it be for crying out loud. Why do so many like destroying what was accomplished by others?