Sunday, January 16, 2011

Iggy Visits Lizzy's Saanich

Liberal leader Mike Ignatieff visited the riding of Saanich-Gulf Island Saturday, where Elizabeth May hopes to get elected in the next election. She runs in a new riding every election as you know (she is running  in her 3rd riding, never returning to where she loses), but Iggy isn't going there to offer moral support, he's trying to get votes. Stephane Dion made a non-aggression pact with Lizzy May in 2008. Not only is Iggy running a candidate against her, he is going there on his pre-election tour to pander for votes. The only way that May could ever possibly win that seat is for the Liberals to fold their candidate. It would be stupid for the Liberals to fold Saanich to the Greens, because they were a close second there last election.

It was a ridiculously stupid move for Elizabeth May to choose a riding where the Liberals should want to win. Choosing a riding where the Liberals have no chance of winning would have been the pragmatic selection for the first Green election victory in history. Lizzy has a higher probability of converting Liberal voters than Tory voters and if the Liberals run a candidate in Saanich where the last finished in a strong second place, she just can't win.

Elizabeth May will not survive her next leadership review and will only remain as leader so long as she can delay the next leadership review.


  1. Wow ... I live in the riding and have heard NOTHING about Iffies visit. Lizzy has a "main street" office in Sidney and has been very active in attending parades and meetings - pressing the flesh!! I don't even know who the Lib candidate is so they have a long way to go in taking the seat away from Gary Lunn - CPC. I agree Ice that the Libs should fold their tent and leave the riding to Greens but as long as they, Greens and NDippers want to split the vote, it is OK with me.

  2. I believe the Greens suspended or modified their constitution so if an election was called they were not caught without a leader.

    She has managed to take over the party and it looks like she may end up taking it down in the next general election.

    Guelph would have been better. Closer to Ottawa news media bubble.

  3. Elizabeth May, honesty, loyalty and integrity all in one package.

  4. Liz May: Looking for a brain in this gal would be akin to rattling a pea in a boxcar. No difference.

    E Mac/