Friday, January 28, 2011

Ignatieff: "Bill Gates, Secretary Of Defense"

In a preview of what would come under an Ignatieff administration, apparently Bill Gates is now the United States Secretary of Defense. Evidently Robert Gates no longer has the job. Iffy may not know which Gates is running the American military, but he insists that Bill Gates knows what's wrong with the F-35s. What's more is that CTV News ran a story on the fighter jets and showed the clip of Iggy where he made the mistake, but cut out the "Bill Gates" gaffe from the clip. Then in the very next segment, they criticized Peter MacKay for suggesting that California and BC share a common border. Obviously Peter made a simple speaking error where the words did not come out in proper sequence. He is way too smart to not know that geography. The point is that in a tale of two gaffes, one got cut out of CTV News, the other was a story. It is what it is.

Thank you Wilson for pointing out;

"On CTV National, the Libluvers ran the entire LPC fighter jet attack ad,
then followed with a clip of Iffy saying "....the secretary of defence, knows full well the problems with the F-35s" but CUT the Iffy gaff out. "We think that BILL GATES, the (US) secretary of defence, knows full well the problems with the F-35s" and of course CTV brought up McKay's gaff

I don't do twitter, somebody should point out to Ms CTV that we are aware she cut Iffy's gaffe out of her National segment tonight, and gave the Liberals free prime time advertising."


  1. Rick Mercer should be taping his next episode
    'let's ask Bill Gates'.

    And Mary from 'this hour has 22 minutes' would have mic in hand asking Bill Gates what's wrong with the Canadian F35 program, Ignatieff says you have issues.

    but we know that is not going to happen, eh

  2. Lisa must be so sure no one is watching her she thought she could get away with this edit. By cutting it out iggy's gaffe is getting way more attention than it would have. Considering he has bragged about his contacts in the O administration he really should know who the defense minister is, even if he did serve Pres Bush.

  3. On the CTV news last night, Lisa Laflamme did a story on the Delta Kappa Epsilon Fraternity in Edmonton Alberta, which has got into trouble with the University Of Alberta, for “carrying out gruesome hazing rituals.”

    In her introductory remarks to the clip, Laflamme felt compelled to inform Canadians that the fraternity is famous and has included 5 United States presidents – ( amongst hundreds of thousands of other Canadian and United States university students through the years you can be sure)
    Laflamme felt obligated to name two and only two of the Presidents, and named no other celebrities or politicians in her report.

    This was a 100% Canadian story, so who did she choose to associate with this malodorous story, and what was her motive. Under what responsible and professional reporting guidelines did she find it significant and compelling, if no blame, real or perceived, was to be attached, to bring the innocent names of George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush into her CTV report, of an incident in a Canadian university .