Monday, January 3, 2011

Facebook Worth 50 Billion?

Reports today estimate the value of Facebook to be at $50 billion dollars, which seems ridiculous when compared to the market capitalization of other companies. Our beloved Potash is worth $46 billion, Encana is worth $21 billion, Rogers Communication is worth $20 billion, Bombardier is worth $9 billion, and Canadian Tire is worth $6 billion. Facebook doesn't have public stock, so they would need to issue an IPO before we could get a comparably accurate valuation of their equity. All you Facebook users should be aware that the way Facebook makes most of their money is by selling your information. I assume that most users are aware of this and don't mind trading their information for free services.

I am not a fan of Facebook.


  1. It'll be worth nothing when the next big thing comes along.

  2. Facebook is easily valued at 50 billion dollars in control. For those who seek to understand and master the populations, what could possibly be more valuable than the connections, friends, family, interests preoccupations of the millions?

    While the innocent talking heads struggle to identify 50 billion in ad revenue, those who play the game understand that power is not easily measurable in terms nominal GDP.

    What is a throne and scepter worth? The talking heads would weigh it, and measure it's composition in gold.

  3. By the same people who insured and assessed American homes to people who had no hope in paying.

    Makes nice headlines and bonuses for M&A organizations.

    Things that go boom also go bust.

  4. I would much rather be the owner of Potash Inc. than Facebook, I know Potash will be here for many years to come.

  5. Goldman Sachs Russian Billionaire........quite the company

  6. Facebook a flash in the pan until something else shiny comes along without all the ads.This is what happened to myspace.Great until all the popup ads started taking over your page.

    Social networking is a good thing.Being bombarded by mostly useless advertising is not.