Saturday, January 29, 2011


Listening to the Charles Adler Show regarding the recent budgetary demands by Gilles Duceppe, I heard a new term that was brilliant; "blocmail" as opposed to blackmail. This move by the Bloc for a laundry list of demands gives the Tories an out on arena funding for Quebec City, which the PM previously supported. It allows Harper to oppose the "Blocmail" without being seen as "Quebec bashing". While I as a Vancouver resident and hockey fan support any measure to bring franchises back to Canada, this is not popular with the base. If you compare the future benefits of some of our "stimulus projects" against an NHL franchise, it is a no brainer.

But, it is generally unpopular and Gilles is helping give the PM an out on his previous position.


  1. And just think what this does for the coalition of losers in the ROC


  2. What guarantee is there that another team would come to Quebec.
    Why are voters in favor of millionair hockey players getting subsidies and tax breaks but not corporations. (I think most teams are corporations)
    My dad was a fan of HNIC on the radio with Foster Hewitt. When some guy got a position as goalie he would say, must be a good one, there are only 6 jobs available in the league. Today there are dozens for every position.

  3. Not that I really have an educated opinion on the Quebec Area thing but if it's money flowing into a province and Quebec wants it's share, I guess that the amounts spent in Ontario on the G8 & G20 have to come into it as well as the amount that was spent in BC on the Olympics. Bottom line, 190 million is small potatoes when compared to these other expenditures. This is not an invite to a flame war as I too am aware of the Balance of Payment figures that are insanely lopsided to support the socialist PQ. Just thinking is all...

  4. Ontario, what? The auto bailout?
    Quebec industry is already heavily subsidized.

    If Canadian taxpayers had not bailed out the auto industry, the result to Ontario's economy would have been the same as the NEP here in Alberta,
    billions of investment leaving the province and the mulitplier job losses would have sunk Ontario.

    The HST bribe is the only b*tching rights they have.

    The G8 and G20 are international events,
    what, did Duceppe want them held in Montreal?

    Quebec is going to hold an event, in the name of Canada?

    If Ducey wants to be paid out for the 1998 Icestorms,
    he should wait until the party that was in power then, gets back into power.
    Then ask for the cash from the Liberals.
    Funny Ducey didn't ask them, with 3 majorites and 6 back to back surplus', rather than wait until Canada is in debt to ask.

    Duception..... creepy separatist games