Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ignatieff's "Hail Mary Tour" Visits John Baird

With his last 3 tours failing to gain him any support in the polls, the leader of the Liberal Party is making one last desperate attempt to travel the country trying to get people to like him. I am calling this the "Hail Mary Tour", from the definition "a Hail Mary pass in football refers to any very long forward pass, made in desperation with only a small chance of success". Tomorrow Iggy Flop will be visiting the Ottawa riding of John Baird.

It would be funny if John Baird would show up at or near Iggy's tour stop on the same date and time to see who can draw a bigger crowd. His last few tours played to very tiny crowds of dedicated party loyalists. The general public is not showing up at Iggy's tour stops. So when Iggy goes on to boast about how he spent the summer "talking to Canadians", what he means to say is that he is spending time talking to partisan Liberal voters. The Tories should hold competing events at or near this tour stops. I think that would be awesome.

The Liberals are largely ignoring large parts of the east coast, Alberta, and Saskatchewan. He will briefly visit BC, but the major focus is Quebec and Ontario. Big shocker.


  1. Jack, Iffy and Ducey are all out on tours this week,
    appears they are expecting an election!

  2. The Coalition's, 'Strategic Voting Tour'!
    Now that wouldn't surprise me in the least.

    Gilles, has the lesser job description, using Canadian tax dollars to break up the country, aided and abetted by Jack and his kidlet MP's.
    However, the bottom line is that none of the 3, represent a Canada that we desire nor a majority of Canadian representation. They are ALL isolationists and believe it's all about %'s, not people.

  3. Bec, I agree this is a Strategic Voting Tour by the Coalition. I can picture Layton/Iggy sitting around that kitchen table and drawing names of ridings out of a hat. You take this one, I get that one. No one will suspect that we are working together, ha. When the two leaders appear at different events on the same day in the same riding, in the same city, at the same time, I might believe they have no plans for a coalition.
    Then, to make things interesting, have PMSH show up for an unannounced tour of the Tims in the area.

  4. Layton/Iggy are getting so desperate. I am sure that they think that all Canadiens are stupid. Iggy has a habit of speaking for all Canadiens. I have yet to give the Liberals, my opinion of anything.... because they don't ask and don't care. This voting tour is a joke. Do they think we will like them any better.