Sunday, January 9, 2011

Gomery Commission Foolish?

Don Newman is still doing plenty of work for the CBC while collecting his pension. In his most recent article he has called Paul Martin's appointed Gomery Inquiry "foolish", suggesting that the government should not have investigated this very substantial theft of tax payers money. Did Martin calling a commission to investigate government theft to investigate the period when he was Finance Minister cost him the 2006 election? Donny thinks it was foolish, with hindsight being 50-50.

Don did state when he retired that he didn't really want to retire, but for the language in his contract he had to. Now he is collecting his pension, and I would really like to know how much the CBC is paying him for work on top of retirement. I would submit an access to information request to probe payments to Don Newman after retirement, but I'm sure the CBC will ignore my request.


  1. Iceman, did you forget how some politicians within Martin's group actually defended the theft of hundreds of millions of tax revenue funds, and suggested, in a veiled round-about manner that Canadians should be grateful, in light of the Liberals' impeccable governing? typical media Liberal support (hello Gayle)

  2. The Gomery Inquiry WAS the coverup,and it worked beautifully! Not ONE of the main protagonists was prosecuted, just a couple of the low level minions.

    If Harper ever gets a majority,will he promise a full and complete inquiry into Liberal malfeasance under Chretien?

    Of course not,Canadian politicians don't work that way,they prefer to give the appearance of doing something, to keep the beer and popcorn swilling public under the illusion they're living in a free and democratic Country.


  3. Lynn,I think your absolutely right.The inquiry was the coverup.I have to think a majority would give PM Harper the leverage to open up an enquiry into all these Liberal scandals.HRDC,,the helicopter cancellation,,the $50 billion transfer from Ei,, the Chretien gold course,,the ADSCAM and the Gomery inquiry could be added,as well as the CBC.These guys still have not paid back the money stolen and still say they did no wrong or were entitled to it.They need to be replaced as a party as the Liberal name is associated too closely with corruption and scandal.

  4. Harper rejected most of the recommendations made by Gomery. I guess Gomery was a clown after all or else Harper would have acted on his recommendations.