Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Iggy's Dilemma; Russia Or Canada?

As Canada prepares to face Russia Wednesday in the championship final of the World Junior Hockey Tournament, who do you think Iggy will be cheering for? That is today's poll question. We know that he has a deep romanticism with his Czarist ancestry, and that he once wrote "between my two pasts, the Canadian and the Russian, I felt I had to choose. I chose the vanished past, the past lost behind the revolution. I could count on my mother’s inheritance: it was always there. It was my father’s past that mattered to me, because it was the one I had to recover, to make my own." That summarizes Iggy Pop on his Canadianism.

I know that I will be cheering for team Canada tomorrow, but who will Iggy be cheering for?


  1. I'm not sure he'll be cheering for either, as I believe he feels that hockey is beneath him.

  2. Who, but an air headed member of the dilettanti could write something so vapidly self centered?

    And when is the Toronto media going to investigate which Government departments and Corporate free loaders had this puppet-clown installed as leader?

  3. A tube of lipstick is all he’d need to score a gig on The View.

    Maybe we should start a collection for him!