Friday, January 21, 2011

News Before A Studio Audience (Live Or Otherwise)

I have to ask the question, should news opinion shows be filmed before a live studio audience? If and when Charles Adler launches his own show on Sun TV News, is it better with or without a live studio audience? Sun TV will share similarities with Fox News, and Glenn Beck does his show in front of a studio audience. I don't watch every politics show so I can't say how many of them do this, I just know that plugging in the audience was about the time that Beck started losing me. When he's working his audience, he gets too emotional and becomes creepy. I liked CNN Beck much better than chalkboard/audience Fox Beck.

Should a news opinion show have a studio audience?


  1. Depends on the content format of show, do they have chairs?

    Depends on the nature of the current affairs show. Do they have guests?

  2. If you want to see examples of opinion shows before a studio audience, do a YouTube search on the following:

    "BBC" + "Question Time" This is a debate show featuring both reporters, presenters and politicians.

    "HIGNFY" or "Have I Got News For You" This is played more for comedy, but has a satirist and a comedian occasionally paired with journalists and politicians, commenting on the top stories of the day. Look for Jo Brand and the 2010 UK election for some extra sharp commentary, particularly about then-PM Gordon Brown.

  3. I hate it when Beck cries, but I don't mind the chalkboard. Studio audiences remind me of Oprah and Geraldo. Add some tears and I want to flip the channel.... but I'm hooked. Beck is unapolegetically right wing and honest which is enough to get my support forever in the face of the left wing media.

  4. News report shows that cover live news shouldn't.

    I don't want to hear no crap-yapping going on in the background during a news break of a shocking live event going down.

    I want to hear the report not distractions. Or reports about the distractions while reporting the report..... *sigh*.