Friday, January 14, 2011

Is Canada's Economy Better Off Than 2 Years Ago?

Iggy has been hitting the campaign trail asking the question "is the Canadian economy better off than five years ago?" Five years ago there was a housing bubble which inflated financial markets. I think the more appropriate question (and the subject of today's webpoll) is Canada better off than January 2009 when the "Great Recession" hit its lowest point? Most Canadians are in about the same position, as Canada is the only G7 nation to recover the jobs lost to the downturn. The TSX experienced double digit gains in 2010. If Iggy wants to attack the Tories on the economy, good luck with that. Conservative economic management has been fantastic, among the best in the world. It is funny to me that the Liberals are trying to attack the best economic recovery in the industrialized world.


  1. The strategy from Ignatieff highlight the economy and he asks voters to examine our well being.

    Ignatieff is asking us to examine our municipal, provincial and federal governments.

    The problem with that is Federal Government has reduced their burden in contrast to the provinces. In the biggest provinces the Liberal premiers are under pressure for raising taxes and little to show for it. (Iggy turns a spotlight on them) Thanks.

    Toronto voters responded. NB voters responded. Liberalism is getting its head handed to them on a platter.

    I have said this many times Ignatieff is a great asset to the CPC. His team is clueless.

    Liberals failed in pinning the murder on the right, Sara Palin. (It was quick the backlash)

    The left are not aware of the push back from the electorate and suggest Rob Ford voters will vote for Liberals.

    The left are demanding we keep the political pay subsidy. ( If they vote against this budget it will be blue wave and Dion will have his revenge on the party that threw him under the bus)

  2. Ignatieff's slogan - taken straight from Ronald Reagan's playbook - is silly.

    Canadians know full that well that (1) there was a major recession, (2) it arose internationally, and (3) Canada rode the recession far better than most countries.

    This slogan will serve only to remind Canadians of the third point.

  3. But is the Liberal Party better off after years of Ignatieff?

  4. Anonymous:

    Actually they might be. Ignatieff has done a good job of reducing LPC debt (although they still have a ways to go). Dion did a decidely poor job of fund raising.

    And you can't campaign without money.