Saturday, January 8, 2011

Do Tories Deserve Credit For Canada's Economic Recovery?

Today's poll question; do you think that the Conservatives deserve credit for Canada's sensational economic recovery? Scott Brison announced on Friday that the governing Tories do not deserve any credit for Canada's remarkable recovery. We are the first G7 nation to recover all the jobs lost in the downturn, so if you are trying to make the case that the governing Conservatives have been terrible economic managers and that we need an election, the evidence suggests otherwise. Canada added 22,000 jobs in December, with many of those being high paying full-time manufacturing jobs. As commodity sales heat up and all these newly hired employees start paying taxes, it is going to be really easy for Jim Flaherty to slash the deficit in the next budget.

The Liberals don't want to give the Tories any credit when things go good, but they sure as hell like to blame them when things go sour. Those rare months when Canada has lost jobs over the past 2 years, the Liberals are always right there to throw it at the government. The fact that we have managed this recovery in a volatile minority government shows the tremendous skill of our Prime Minister and his team. Well done!


  1. Mr. Harper's government has done some things that p1$$ me off but in general I think we would be in the same position as the US if it wasn't for PM Harper and his fiscal ability. Probably one of the best PMs Canada has had.

    Rob C

  2. If I remember correctly, Brisson is saying that the conditions for the recovery were put in place five years ago (Banking regulations, etc) under the Liberals. But that presumes that if those regulations weren't in place that our banks would have acted as imprudently as the American banks. Unless Brisson has a functioning crystal ball there's no way he could know that. So he's FOS.

    Secondly, in late 2007 Harper was already forecasting a tough year ahead while McCallem et al were basically laughing at him. So the Liberals are FOS.

    Lastly, in an article by Don Martin shortly after the 2008 budget fiasco, he states that he asked several ranking Liberals what they would have put in the budget to offset the coming recession. Not one was able to give him an answer. They had no ideas. There only contribution was to "let Harper wear this recession". So, Brisson, and everyone else in your Liberal cabal, let him wear it because it's starting to look pretty good on him.

    Do I think Harper deserves credit? Some but mostly for the tax cuts that occurred before the full impact of the recession. I'm dead set against the borrowing that puts the country in hock for generations, whether it works or not.

  3. According to one of the most annoying left commenters, Gayle.....Harper was going to "wear this recession".

    So it goes without saying that he must have to "wear" the recovery.

    I hope the sweet girl reads this!

  4. Gayle - Always the Lib hacks with much criticism, should team up with Weston (ditto) and take a powder.
    Both useless as TOAB.

  5. Didn't I read somewhere that the banking legislation introduced by the governing Liberals was actually proposed originally by Preston Manning as a plank of the old Reform platform and was supported by Stephen Harper as opposition leader?

  6. The government deserves credit for _mostly_ staying out of the way. If they had _completely_ stayed out of the way, just imagine the economy today. So I will change my vote under that context to yes

    Wear it PM Harper

  7. I'd have to say no because of the fact that politicians don't make the juice that the economy runs on.

    But I do give them credit for not stepping in and screwing things up to badly.

    That's as good as it gets for me.

  8. Deficit and Recovery will be worn by incumbent.

    It sucks to be Liberal as deficit has dropped from 55 to 45 billion.

    It sucks for Liberals who have spent last two years chasing the small issues.

    The Senate in now in control by the CPC. The balance sheets tell a different story. In the campaign the CPC will campaign on ending the political subsidy (I hope) and the opposition won't have a leg to stand on.

  9. Harper and his midget stated that there would be no recession, then introduced the largest deficit in Canadian history... somehow it's the fault of the Liberals, right?

    55 bilion is not stepping in? WTF....

  10. WTF, all the parties in 2008 election, Lib/Dip and Con, said they would not go into deficit spending.
    No one on the planet predicted as fast and deep an economic crisis.
    So all parties get a pass on that one.

    That $13B surplus the Liberals left behind, was part of the $30 B the Harper government put against the debt.

    Heaps of credit is due Harper, Flaherty and Carney for staying calm and boldly taking on the international community to get its ducks in a row.
    And they were doing this right in the middle of an election campaign (Macleans)

    Killing the bank tax proposed by the EU and USA was a huge victory for PMSH and Canadian business.
    No way the coalition of losers would have gone that path,
    mostly due to domestically trying to keep the seppies happy with other things, they just wouldn't have the desire/mandate.
    And Jack loves attacking the banks, so a tax would make Dippers very happy.

    Who would have listened to a Canadian sent overseas, because he drew the short straw from the coalition hat?

    Credit to PMSH for stopping the lefty MAJORITY from forcing EI360 (and a carbon-tax),
    and making Iffy walk down that hill, over and over.
    Stability and confidence in PMSH kep Canada humming.

    Credit to the government for stick handling the environment, not allowing the opps to force penalties on the resource sector that is 'earning' Canada out of this recession.

    So YES, PMSH and his team deserve ALL the credit.

  11. About the Libs and their banking rules winning the day,
    read in a Globe and Mail article (can't find it now) that Paul Martin/Ralph Goodale were weeks away from loosening up the banking rules to allow the re-sale fiasco that swept the world.

    But, Martin lost the election, and the new govt didn't go ahead with the Martin plan.