Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Ignatieff On Corporate Tax Cuts

I was watching Liberal leader Mike Ignatieff pop off yesterday in very entertaining fashion, and I started trying to remember the moment when Iggy first flopped on corporate taxes. I did a Google search, and found a Toronto Star article from March 28th, 2010 after Iggy's keynote speech at Thinkapalooza. Then I looked up what I had to say after Iggy's keynote speech at Thinkapalooza.  The Liberals had their big thinkers conference, and changed their minds on corporate tax cuts. The week before Thinkapalooza, the Liberals had the embarrassing failure of their motion to force Canadian tax payers to pay for abortions in foreign countries, after a number of their own MPs boycotted the vote.

At the time, Iggy wanted to pay for his future social programs by repealing tax cuts that hadn't even happened yet, but that the Liberals had approved of previously. They went from supporting the cuts to changing their mind and attacking the government for what used to be their own policy position. The hypocrisy boggles my mind.


  1. old white guy says. hypocrisy, not so much. stupidity, yep. maybe someone might enlighten iggy. corporations are made up of people. no people no corporations.

  2. Iffy wants to tax Seniors pension funds and 'working peoples' investments....

    Michael H posted this on BLY: Iffy vs Dean

  3. Iggy-Popoff actually brags about never owning a corporate stock. That’s scary.

    Even Obama understands the need for entrepreneurship and R and D to keep America competitive against low cost/wages in India and China.

    We need a CPC ad that asks the question:

    Can you trust Iggy to ensure Canadian workers are globally competitive? Does he sufficiently understand the markets that invest in productivity? The markets do this so that our workers can have the best equipment that in turn produces competitive goods at low cost yet permits our workers to be paid handsomely. Continuous improvement in this area is critical to full employment.


  4. 'Ban senators from fundraising: Layton'

    I don't remember Dippers voicing any concerns before this,
    but then Liberals had a majority in the Senate until now....

  5. Also, does Dr I have ANY IDEA as to how the Canada Pension Plan is funded? My understanding is that it is invested in the stock market, which means that it is dependent upon good old AFTER-TAX DIVIDENDS to fund pensions. No dividends; no income.