Friday, January 7, 2011

Canada's Economic Stength Bad News For Liberals

It will be funny to listen to Liberals try to explain to Canadians in the coming months that we need an election because of the government's reckless economic management. Meanwhile, Canada is one of the top economic success stories of the latest global downturn. The TSX gained 15% in 2010, a boom in commodity prices is widely expected this year (which will benefit Canada), and with lower business taxes now is a great time to invest in Canada. We should be praising the Canadian economy, and the Conservative government's strong economic policies. Our unemployment rate is 2% lower than south of the border. With the drop in business taxes, the Wall Street Journal is now encouraging its readers to "go north".

But hey, if you listen to the Liberals, the sky is falling and we are all screwed. The economy continues to be a top priority to Canadians, and most Canadians rightfully trust Stephen Harper on economic stewardship far more than Ignatieff. Why do they trust our Prime Minister? Because our economic performance in this downturn has been among the best in the industrialized world and he did all that in a minority parliament, which are generally historically dysfunctional. I'd say this is a great reason to give the Tories a majority. If the Tories were this effective in a minority parliament, imagine what they can do with a majority?

John Ivison wrote a great piece in the Post on this subject.


  1. The imported "great thinker" from the south has shown himself to be a political amateur in just about every aspect. Hope springs eternal amongst the red kool-aid drinkers, that Iggy will shine during an election campaign.

    Unfortunately for these straw-graspers, almost all the evidence points the other way--that he will stumble and bumble and make a fool of himself over 36 days. There is a good reason why his competence numbers have been so low for so long--the public sees through the Count's empty suitedness and dismisses his confusing, inconsistent rhetoric.

    Which brings me to the hatchet job that the Chretien-era Libs, and our compromised media did on Stockwell Day, during the 2000 campaign. Remember his gaffe re which way the Niagra River flows, and how it got massively over-played ?

    That was BEFORE the internet was so ubiquitous, blogs were non-existent, no social media, no you-tube, etc etc. Iggy's every mis-step is going to be magnified to "Niagra River" proportions, and then some. Bloggers and partisans will have a field-day. We only have to be careful we don't over-do things (as in the puffin pooping on Dion).

    Kinsella et al can hardly complain, since they set the standard long ago. Get those purple dinosaurs out in front of those you-tube cameras !

    Calgary Junkie

  2. Pm Harper told everyone to buy when the recession started and the markets fell.Liberals and MSM laughed and poked fun at PM Harper and ran articles for weeks calling him a fool and such things.A few economists were negative as well.Apparently the PM knows a little bit more about the economy than all of the Opposition hounds and their rats-ass brethren in the MSM.I know my investments have gone up nicely.Thanks for the advice PM Harper.