Friday, January 14, 2011

Party Subsidy Idea

After watching a heated exchange on the Soloman Show today, it is clear that the opposition parties are not prepared to part with their entitlements. The Conservatives plan to campaign on scrapping the per vote subsidy, so my idea is for the party to give their subsidy money to earthquake relief in Haiti. Donate it to this worthwhile tragedy, and challenge the other parties to do the same. You know the Liberals won't give up the money, as they still haven't paid off their 2006 leadership race (which Iggy lost). It would make for an interesting news story. I'd be interested to hear Tommy Mulcair attack the Tories on that one.


  1. I'd rather they spend our money on lazy Canadians than lazy Haitians,who have done very little to rebuild their own Country.

    Just viewed several TV reports on different networks about Haiti "One Year Later", it's astounding how little has been done. Apparently,the Haitian government won't let us bring in heavy equipment, Cats, Heavy trucks,without paying an exorbitant duty on them,so the streets remain clogged with rubble.

    Spokesmen for every relief agency decried the lack of help and lack of initiative of most of the Haitian people.

    Haiti was a third world shithole before the 'quake,and it'll still be one after,as THEIR government has no intention of changing anything.


  2. You're such a bonehead Iceman!
    The 27 million that the public purse spends to defend our democratic process is a pittance when compared to the needs of Haiti.
    Sadly Harper's made good on less than 10% of what his government promised.
    If the 27 million$ was held back, Harper could claim it was going Haiti, but everyone knows he'd hand it over in tax breaks to Banks and Oil companies.
    All the best,

  3. No thanks - pay down the deficit. If I want to give to a charity, I will do it myself.

  4. hey anony...I assume you have proof of your assertion that only 10% has gone to Haiti?????

  5. Until the govt of Haiti drops those import taxes, nothing will get thru. And where would those taxes go, swiss accounts.
    It is time for all govts to say no, to all 3rd world countries crying for help. Any fund raising to help flood victims in Australia.
    And no vote subsidy money for Haiti

  6. Political parties should not get any public subsidies at all.
    If they can't make their way on their own in the marketplace of ideas and private donations then they should perish.

    While we're at it, if Layton pulls out props during the leaders debate in the next election he should be kicked off the stage.
    And if Bucky can't play by the rules of order then she should be shown the door as well.

  7. Political party welfare is an insult to all taxpayers. "Liberals" Ndp'ers and Separatists think their entitled to their entitlements and in this case their entitled to the taxpayers wallet in order to support their warped ideologies. Don't force me and all other taxpayers to pay the way for the Separatists! lLet the people who support separatism and that party's ideology support them. As for "Liberals", what happened to all that money they stole from the treasury when they were in power? Surely they stole enough for the next 20 years of elections. End this criminal waste of taxpayers dollars. While I sympathize with the people of Haiti and the ongoing struggles of corruption, witchcraft, and gangsterism that keeps them wallowing in misery, I'm not sure as to when they became a Province of Canada, and therefore our responsibility.

  8. No more entitlements. End the gravy train. If every politicaly interested person gave the equivelent of one week worth of coffee money, all parties would have plenty of money to survive.

  9. watching able bodied young men march in hati pisses me off. if these morons were carrying stone and rubble from the destroyed areas things would start to look up. they have done nothing all their lives and now expect someone else to do work they could be doing.

  10. Cutting the political subsidy is a vote getting gimmick. The principle behind having the subsidies is sound. We do not want politicans beholden and dependent on lobbyist dollars. The subsidy gives the politicains independence from lobbyists.

  11. How can they be beholding to lobbyists????Just cut the subsidy and keep the rest of the rules..No lobbyists,just $1100 limit per person.Use your Liberal head for something more than begging anonymous.