Monday, January 24, 2011

Ignatieff's Canada

With the new Liberal attack ads focusing on "Stephen Harper's Canada", I would like to imagine Mike Ignatieff's Canada if such a place existed (the probability is under 1 in 5). If he were to actually win, he would be demographically represented by Toronto, Montreal, parts of Atlantic Canada, and maybe 8 MPs west of Ontario (if he's lucky). He won't have a regionally diverse cabinet. There won't be much talent to choose from. Personally I think Ignatieff's Canada is a fantasy that will never become reality, but if he were able to squeak out a minority, it will be based on a few regional pockets in an unstable government. It isn't going to be a happy productive place.

By the way after watching these Liberal attack ads I'm thinking that as a stimulus project, why don't we drop money over Canada out of our outdated military jets? Instead of replacing our dying fleet, let's shower Canada in money, dropped from military aircraft. It seems like the alleged price tag keeps getting bigger, even though we are talking about a window of several decades. This is not going to be $60 billion dollars out of the next budget. Meanwhile, the Liberals were the ones who signed us up for the F-35 project. They are again releasing attack ads attacking positions previously held by themselves. I guess they don't see the hypocrisy. They knew that we needed new equipment, and made a cash investment in this project. Now they are attacking the Tories for continuing their previous policy.

"Ignorance is bliss when it is folly to be wise"

-Jim Lahey, Trailer Park Supervisor


  1. "you are ignoring the environment" the liberals attack the conservative

    You failed to attend to the environment since 1993 when Chretien signed on to the KYOTO.' the conservatives attack the liberals

    Iceman, the liberals own neglect has now become their own attack ads meaning, the liberals are attacking themselves but are implying that the conservatives are responsible for it.

    And the media " they attack the conservatives for the liberals own neglect.

  2. Given that Global warming is a scam perhaps the Liberals need to be reminded that if they had formed the government under Stephan Dion, then we would be in the economy killing "Green Shaft" and they would not be asking "are you better off".

  3. The Liberals have no permanent position on anything,they just shift with the political winds,and try to pin their failed policies on the Party in power. With the enthusiastic assistance of the MSM,it's usually quite successful.

    Canada under Ignatieff? I dunno, imagine most of the few freedoms we actually still have being seriously eroded and eventually wiped out altogether,with the power of all government agencies increased.

    Take Gun Control, under Iggy, private ownership would be squeezed out of existence. We'd see more of the British style of socialism with laws to correct every perceived wrong,and video cameras everywhere to back up those laws.

    The HRC's would become the all-powerful tool of the government,and look for censorship of the internet,ASAP.

    Canada would simply be speeded up on it's way to European socialism, but by God, we'd have Social Justice in spades!

    In about two terms of Iggy,we'd be in much the same state as the EU PIIGS Nations.

    I may not always agree with Stephen Harper, but I know when this Country's better off!


  4. It's a frightening thought to have panty-waists like Iggy or Rae in charge of the country that I live in and IMPOSING their version of a cradle to the grave Nanny State on me. I fear that I'm starting to like this standing erect and feeling more and more like a free man, I'm not sure I'll go quietly into the night. Screw 'em!!! Go Stevie Go!!!

  5. In terms of social issues, here's what I'm concerned about if an Ignatieff government were assume office:

    Legalized prostitution.
    More lax rules on abortion at home.
    Maternal health initiatives riddled with 'female reproductive rights' the way Hillary Clinton wanted.
    More junkies shooting themselves up at our expense.
    More government programs to control society.
    More spending (everywhere!)

    Let me know if I missed anything.

  6. Iffy could double Lib seats in WC (+6) and win all CPC seats in Que (+11), plus win every NDP seat in Ontario (+17),
    and he still has only 111 seats