Friday, January 21, 2011

"Why did Harper bring up capital punishment?"

That is certainly a misleading headline at the Globe and Mail, but it is from left wing kook Jane Taber, so don't be too shocked. The reason it is misleading is because the Prime Minister did not "bring it up", the question was introduced by Peter Mansbridge in an interview. Harper never said anything about capital punishment until Mansbridge asked him about it. Mansbridge "brought it up", and the Prime Minister answered with what has always been his position. There is nothing new here, but Taber is trying to pounce on whether or not is was wise of the PM for introducing the death penalty to the debate. Unless the PM said to Mansbridge before the Interview "hey Pete, ask me about the Death Penalty", there is no story here because one journalist asked a provocative question and got the expected answer.

Even the CBC has their caption for the interview link saying only "death penalty, abortion not on agenda". Really? That's your synopsis of the entire interview??? Nothing on the economy, jobs, employment, but just the two deliberately provocative questions that the interviewer decided he needed to ask.

This is getting really nutty...


  1. Well since Jane and you (you watch so we don't have to) were probably the only ones watching Mansbridge she can turn the interview into whateva she wants right!? No one that reads the Mop and Pail will know any different. Besides the people that read the Globe and the Star (the ones that LIKE to read them) only read the headlines anyways.

  2. You need to lower your standards when you refer to left leaning papers or television programs.

    Think of Wayne's World but already drunk or high. Than imagine a concussion, memory loss an allergic reaction to medication and than you have it.

    Plus two rounds in the ring with Tyson in his prime.

  3. I am sure Jane and crew will have it all blown out of context for Sundays QP too.Thats how they operate.

    Mansbridge avoided talking about the economy in his "Gotya moment" interview, because it was too positive.
    His agenda was to lay some ground work for his sinking party ,Liberals ,to whale about.(David McGinty)

    Mansbridge looked mean and sneaky. Don't think Canadians who watched didn't see how biased he is against the Prime minister in that interview. Wouldn't be the first time. The media all over the Tories is proof of them busting their guts for their party. Sad really.