Thursday, January 6, 2011

Oh No Canada!

I was able to watch most of the world junior gold medal game today, and I have to say it is incredible how much worse Team Canada became in just a few short minutes. They went from completely dominant to completely horrible towards the end of the second period, like two completely different teams. The young players today stay in great condition year round, so I doubt that they just ran out of gas. After one stupid penalty near the end of the second period it really looked like the entire team collectively decided to suck from that point forward. Of course Liberal leader Mike Ignatieff must be delighted that his beloved mother Russia defeated his adopted Canada. Personally, I think the whole loss might be his fault. He should send a letter of apology to the team. I am not kidding. I am being serious. Really, I swear...


  1. it is weird that the kids dominated the first two periods and just fell apart in the third. i wonder what a shrink would have to say.

  2. Of course they fell apart in the third. The coach scheduled skating practice that game day. He hadn't done that for ANY of the other games. He should have left the model for success alone, the idiot.

  3. Um, they are teenagers and, they folded under the pressure, the very same way pro's in every sport fold under intense pressure, cut them some slack cuz I guarantee you those kids wont sleep well for a month. It was a great game with twists and turns and ups and downs, what kind of a tournament would it be if Canada always won?

  4. The TC guys didn't "fold under pressure",they were obviously exhausted by the start of the third period,all the signs were plain to see,sluggishness,mental confusion,no zip left in their hits or skating.

    The Russians by comparison looked like they were playing their first period of hockey, not their third.

    I at first figured they'd get their second wind,but after the second Russian goal, knew it was all over. The Canadian kids looked completely spent. Is it their conditioning or as the first "anon" says, too much skating on game day?

    I hope it's the latter,otherwise Team Canada will have to reexamine their endurance conditioning program.

    The Russkies were full value for their Gold Medal, one of the best and worst comebacks I've seen in over fifty years as a hockey fan.


  5. The Russians took the beating and waited while we took ground from them until we were exhausted. Then they showed up and beat the hell out of us. Just like they did to Napolean and Hitler.

    Sad day for us, but completely fitting for them.

    By the way, mentioning Ignatieff during your miserable poutfest is a pretty childish way to deflect.

  6. The comments here bear fruit, there was some great coaching and management and some blunders too.

  7. The Canadian team focus was to beat the USA. When they found themselves up 3-0 starting the 3rd period against the Russians, they thought they had it in the bag. After all, this was the same Russian team they beat 6-3.I believe they felt they couldn't lose, and more or less were just going through the motions before getting their GOLD medals. Lesson learned, it ain't over till its over.