Sunday, January 23, 2011

Harper's Canada

Well the Liberals have started airing their new ads on real television, meaning that they have been forced to spend money that they really can't afford to spend. Normally they just rely on CBC Newsworld playing their ads repeatedly as news for free. It would appear that Iggy is repeating the mistake of his predecessor by trying to campaign to the left of the NDP. Trying to out flank the Dippers on the left never works out well for the Liberals. I'm curious, this legislation that is bringing in corporate tax cuts, has it already been voted on in the House of Commons? If so, how did the Liberals vote? Was Ignatieff present or absent for that vote? It would seem that the tax cuts are not coming up for a vote because it has already passed our minority parliament.

I'm curious, has a party ever aired attack ads against their own policy position? It was only in the last year that the Liberals flopped their position on this issue, and now they are attacking their previous position in political attack ads. I would presume that Iggy only changed his position after Donolo said it could get them NDP votes. You could make hilarious ads about the Liberals attacking their own recent policy in attack ads.

I am proud to live in Harper's Canada. Ignatieff's Canada is a singular elitist fantasy.


  1. .... Raising corporate taxes.... Nothing like having the government there to help when your down.

    What a bunch of lunatics. It's clear to me that they're setting themselves up for a coalition merge. They've milked their brand sour for too long.

    When some of the back benchers jump ship to "join the tories" be sure to reject them outright. The hassels they're cause will in no way be worth the few extra seats in the house for votes. They'll just provide inroads for their like to attempt making cracks in the party from within.

    Not like they haven't tried before or through other means.

    Remember to tell your CPC members of parliament to just say "no!" to floor crossing liberals. They're never worth the effort.

  2. Is there any other response to the libs ads other than they where for it before they where against it.

    The liberals got us into the F35, now they want out.

    The liberals voted for the tax cuts, now they want them rescinded.

    Can these guys be trusted?