Friday, January 28, 2011

Which Former Premier Should Run Federally?

As we have lost 3 Premiers to resignation in just a few short months, I'd like to ask which former Premier would you like to see run for the federal Conservatives? Who'd you like to see run as a Tory MP, not immediately as leader of the party? There is Danny Williams, Bernard Lord, Mike Harris, Rodney MacDonald, Pat Binns, Bill Vanderzalm, Ed Stelmach, and Gary Filmon. I suppose it doesn't have to be confined to conservatives. I don't think anyone would mind if Gary Doer ran for the Tories. Gordon Campbell was a Liberal, but accused of being a far right winger by the BC NDP. From what I heard Ralph Klein has some health problems and is not physically able to perform the duties of an elected official. I am a fan of King Ralph and wish him good health.

I'll have to vote for Mike Harris, but I have always been a fan of Bernard Lord. By all accounts Pat Binns was a really effective Premier who governed PEI for a long time and nobody has ever heard of. I think Vandershazaam is a bit of a nut who destroyed the Social Credit dynasty in BC. I don't see Danny Williams running federally anytime soon.

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