Thursday, January 20, 2011

Harper On Spring Election

The Prime Minister has come out and said that he sees a 50% probability of an election in 2011. Most people agree that the Ontario fall election rules out the second half of the year, so today's poll question is what do you think is the probability of a Canadian spring election in 2011? Pick your probability. The Prime Minister has it at 50% for the whole year, and I have it at 65% for a spring election. Though I am starting to sense the Liberals might be getting cold feet. I believe that the Liberals who are pushing the hardest for a spring election are the ones who would like to see Iggy replaced. Iggy himself should want to wait on the prayer that his likability numbers improve, unless he's growing tired of Canada and wants to move back to Boston. That's "his" country.

The poll numbers that come out in the next few weeks may have a dramatic effect. If the Liberals don't improve, or even decline, there will be a lot of second guessing at the wisdom of forcing a spring election. This could be a very interesting February.


  1. I think Iggy is making a mistake by not letting Ontario voters punish the Dalton gang first.

    It might work if they get it out of their system.
    Ignatieff will be in a much stronger position to deal with the leftover provincial Ontario Liberals from a position of strength.

    Fall 2012 resolves the MP pensions for those joining in 2006 (45) A.Coyne article.(I think)

    Bluster to action track record of Liberals is not good. Ignatieff may have his remaining team of 20-25 MPs catch the flu.
    Watch for other potential leaders Denis, Bob camps go off the script. (Iggy's whip)

  2. No amount of bus tours is going to improve the stature of Mr. Ignatieff or his Liberal party. The 15 minutes of fame - are up.
    The best solution to this dilemma is to force an election so that the Liberals can get rid of the deadwood in the party and start anew.
    Until the Liberals do this, they will remain in the political wilderness for many years and their infighting is not beneficial either. Clean house of the old regime, get some fresh blood and with patience and time you may again become a viable party. Until then, forget it.
    Canadians are not so nieve that they cannot see the demise this party has constructed for itself. Liberals have a difficult time deciphering the fine line between spin and truth.

    E Mac/

  3. Iffy faces a leadership review or a general election this spring.
    Either way, it won't be pretty.

  4. Iffy faces a leadership review or a general election this spring.
    Either way, it won't be pretty.

    What would be worse for Iffy? A humiliating leadership or review or a humiliating election defeat. Wilson,you're right,which ever it will be ugly.

  5. Sorry guys, but there will be NO Leadership review at the Libs biennial convention in June.
    Check out this pdf file:

    1. to elect the executive officers of the Liberal Party of Canada;
    2. to consider policy resolutions;
    3. receive reports from the Council of Presidents and from each Executive Officer;
    4. to consider amendments to the Constitution of the Liberal Party of Canada; and
    5. to fulfill such other obligations as prescribed in the Constitution of the Liberal Party of Canada.

    Dated at Ottawa, September 12, 2010.
    signed by Iggy and LPC pres. Alfred Apps

    Calgary Junkie

  6. i agree that the polls in the next few weeks will determine whether the Lib/Dip/Separatist coalition will roll the dice on an election. Either way, American Iggo is toast.