Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Liberals React To Cabinet Shuffle

I just finished listening to a Liberal MP on the CBC complain at length about today's cabinet shuffle. He called it a "missed opportunity" to promote more women to cabinet, which is ironic considering that the Liberals did not promote any women in their last critic shuffle. In that shuffle, the Liberals diminished the public voice of the women in their caucus, and now they are criticizing the government shuffle for not appointing more women? Again the Liberals seem blissfully unaware of their own hypocrisy. Meanwhile this was a tiny shuffle with only 4 MPs getting a new job (one of those being a woman).  It is not as though the Prime Minister did a major shuffle and shut out women like Iggy did with his critics jobs in September, this was a very minor realignment.

They also complained that the government did not appoint more ministers from Quebec. Meanwhile half the Quebec Tory caucus is in cabinet. Should every Tory from Quebec have a seat at the cabinet table? If Quebec would like more representation in cabinet, they should consider electing more Tories.  Julian Fantino was appointed to cabinet, albeit to a junior ministry without much influence. Obviously he did not have his choice of appointments.


  1. Gee, missed opportunity for this that and the other thing. Sounds like the coalition wanted a complete change in cabinet. If those serving are so bad, why do the coalition continue to support them. 25% of the new ministers are female.
    And Quebec doesn't not need any more seats at the table. Saying we will lose all 11 seats cause Peter is poor in the french language. How many lib/bloc mps from Que are good in english. How many lib cabinet ministers from Que were fluent in English, Dion comes to mind.

  2. Liberals whine about women not in the CPC cabinet? what is their problem and since when do the liberals give peep squeek about women- were the liberals and the NDP and the Bloc voted against the aboriginal marital women on property rights. Why? of course they did and proudly too at that.
    What about the AFGHAN WOMEN and their rights to freedom? Come to think of it the taliban detainees who some have killed are the OPPOSITION PARTIES favourites.

    Apparently to liberals,ndp bloc, women are frail, need crutches to lean on for support.
    I am tired of the opposition parties treat us women as if we have no mind to handle our affairs.
    This is the PM's cabinet not the opposition parties.

  3. I'm not sure about the balance now, but Harper's original cabinet after the 2008 election had the LARGEST percentage of women in the history of Canada. Eat it, Liberals.

  4. If you look at the history of the Liberal party you will find that women are largely there to look pretty. Liberals are full of it.