Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Liberal Attack Ads

When you review the history of Liberal attack ads, you can't help but notice the one of accusing Stephen Harper of being "prepared to work with the Bloc Quebecois"; made all the more ironic by Dion signing an agreement to form government with Duceppe. We need to remind all the Liberals bemoaning the latest Tory attack ads of their own past history. They have some doozies in their own closet from the era of Mr. Beer and Popcorn.


  1. 2004 ads, run by Paul Martin, completely justify Stephen Harper running dirtbag ads against a different Liberal leader in 2010.

    Also a fun fact: Harper promised to never run a deficit. He lied or is incompetent. I think he's competent. Therefore he is a liar. You can keep him.

  2. More and more I find that every time the Libs bitch about the Conservatives is because the Liberals did it first and got caught. It's so pathetic because they think their some kind of media wiz-kids because they stocked the CBC and the Ottawa press mafia full of party hacks.
    News Flash: The only CBC people watch is hockey and Don Cherry has that wrapped up.

  3. Gotta love the myopic view of global economics and the effect this has on the Canadian economy. It's just so bloody informative and stimulating... and yes I would like to keep him.

  4. Hey Anony.. he promised never to run a deficit BEFORE the three stooges planned their coup and Michael Ignatieff used the threat of takeover to demand what we all know now is the "stimulus package"(...remember...report cards and everything)- and before the rest of the world sunk into a deep depression.

    So when you talk deficit, just remember WHY we have a deficit

    Canada has fared pretty well under Stephen Harper and hopefully will continue to do so.

    So he is neither a liar nor incompetent; just trying to make the best of governing this country with the three buffoons he has on the other side that thwart him at every turn.