Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Where Does My Traffic Come From?

I was looking at my site statistics and thought you might be interested to know from where my traffic comes. Most come from Canada and the USA, but I have still had thousands of international visitors. Overseas, my largest audience is in South Korea. I get more traffic from Germany than Britain. I have virtually no audience in China, India, or Mexico.
Geographically, here is my top ten all-time rankings:

1. Canada 85.3%
2. United States 11.8%
3. South Korea 0.7%
4. Germany 0.6%
5. United Kingdom 0.6%
6. Netherlands 0.5%
7. Russia 0.2%
8. Denmark 0.1%
9. Luxembourg 0.1%
10. Australia 0.1%

In terms of referring sites, my January traffic has came from:

1. Blogging Tories 80.7%
2. Google 11.7%
3. Small Dead Animals 3.4%
4. Blue Like You 2.4%
5. Twitter 0.7%
6. Canadian Sense 0.5%
7. Bing 0.3%
8. Yahoo 0.3%

Although that does not include "no referring link" which is roughly 10% - 15% of my traffic, people who access the site directly. Monday one of my posts was recommended by Small Dead Animals, resulting in an influx of 500 visitors. Generally a link from another blog results in 10-50 hits. That lady has a substantial following, and if you get linked by her you are going to have a good day. Monday was the most hits I've had since October 14th, and in my top 7 traffic days in the two year life of this blog. Thank you Small Dead Animals.

The Blogging Tories is the only site that hosts my posts. There are other blog hosts out there that I could publish on like Canadian Bloggers. But that site would be competing with the BT site for traffic, and I would like to remain exclusive to the Blogging Tories because I believe in the brand. I have decided to attach my blogging fate to Stephen Taylor's brainchild.


  1. "That lady has a substantial following, and if you get linked by her you are going to have a good day."

    She can handle a rifle and looks good in shorts too!!

  2. "That lady has a substantial following, and if you get linked by her you are going to have a good day."

    I don't understand why: you seem to put more effort into your blogs. You should be sending her traffic, not the other way around.

  3. Did you know
    '... CBC spent nearly $60,000 shredding documents to prepare for the government agency coming under the access to information system in 2007....'

    What are they hiding?
    Maybe Kady can investigate for us, ha.

  4. Got linked by her once.

    Facebook sends a lot of traffic my way too and I sometimes even get a hit from your site Iceman. Thanks.

    You might find it interesting that I get a lot of traffic from the UK. Its really noticable when I don't post at all. They seem to be looking at my anti-greenpeace writing. Strange eh?

  5. I get traffic from many countries too it is strange.

    My use of pictures helps. The Lollipop Guild (Wizard of Oz) Red Wagon and my charts are frequent downloads.

    I try to link to you when I can to help boost your traffic for your phone.

  6. I don't know where you get the time to write so many posts, and virtually all of them top quality.

    Well done. You are a great credit to the conservative blogosphere.