Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Ignatieff Imitates Howard Dean

Liberal leader Mike Ignatieff gave a fiery over-the-top speech today at a campaign stop that was reminiscent of former Democrat hopeful Howard Dean in Iowa. All that was missing was a loud "we're going all the way to Washington DC to take back the Whitehouse, YEEEAAAAHHH!!!". As a partisan Tory, I found his speech to be very entertaining and I would like to encourage Iggy pop to be this passionate again in the future, as often as possible...even more passionate if that's possible. I hope one of those sketch "comedy" shows on the CBC does a parody of this speech, because this is the kind of speech that deserves to be ridiculed.


  1. I laughed, I cried, I gagged.

    You could literally see him 'emoting'.

    Agent Smith

  2. Has Justin been giving him emoting lessons. He needs more practice.

  3. It is sad how Ignatieff has repeated his party put the "ground beneath Canadian feet".

    Canadian taxpayers don't need ANY political party or Government: They are to represent us, not the other way around.

    I am amazed how Liberals are revisionists about their devastating cuts in Health, Education, Social Services during Martin-Chretien.

  4. He's too late, they already announced the nominations for the Oscar's today.

  5. LOL, in the CTV clip it sounds like Iffy said
    yah yah yah way
    (as in 'no way - way' stoner flick)

    (the Roger Smith report)

  6. Does he cut his own hair?

  7. Iggo looks scary, angry, desperate, and comical all at once. I love how Iggo mocks and attacks PM Harper and then turns around and says "we don't attack people, we attack the policies". Donolo has lost it if he thinks advising Igg to act like a desperate, power mad imbecile is going to help. The pretension of rolling up his shirt sleeves a'la Obummer is pretty funny too. Harvard sure produces some pompous, vacuous, A-holes. YEEAAHHH!!!

  8. Anonymous

    I cut my own hair(right to the wood) and I've never seen a wing like that. Where was Suzahana?

    Other random thoughts...

    Pretty complicated start...North...South...East..west.

    Did anybody else notice the double mike tweak?

    Fear in the eyes of Canadian families?
    Yes you can? Since he was 17? More money in the CPP?

    With all due respect Iceman...Howard Dean looks like a genius compared to this.

  9. Is Peter D on the PMs payroll, sure seems like it.
    If liberals think anyone will buy this scary guy to be our PM I have to ask, what are they smoking.
    And he talks about Baird's scary face.

  10. Great point! But I have another thought. With all this talk of "it is time to feel the anger," Iggy is reminding me of someone else.