Sunday, January 9, 2011

Ignatieff 2011

I am curious to know Iggy's #1 New Year's Resolution, and that is the subject of today's poll question. It would seem as though he would like to force an election at the nearest possibility, while his friends in the media try to distance the Libs from any potential NDP coalition agreement. Maybe he wants to subdue Bobby Rae, or maybe he wants to spend more time at his European vacation home? How about voting on private member's bills?

You decide.


  1. I would like to suggest
    1 Actually showing up for work at the HOC
    2 refrain from wetting pants after making election threats

  2. 1. Grow a pair.
    2. Write a book that someone (anyone) will actually read.
    3. Send resume to PBS.

  3. Ignatieff cannot even keep a daily resolution (if he has one) how do you expect him to keep a yearly one?
    Oh well, next year he wont be here, so the question is a moot point.

    E Mac

  4. Iffy can't win even a minority without the West, so I'm betting he will be kissing babies and lecturing at universities non-stop out here, mostly in BC.

  5. An election will be held when one party finally breaks out of the morass. Of course a party leader will seek some way to have an election. You are such a silly noob.

  6. An election is unlikely in the Fall as Ontario provincial is taking place. McGuinty won't share his resources/team this year after HST/Rob Ford/poaching. Federal Liberal Convention in Ottawa this spring?

    Rumor CTV QP of PQ internal war, Gilles moving back to QC to run for leadership if Marois steps down.

    All three parties must show up and vote against the budget or supply bills that qualifies as a loss of confidence of the government.

    Sadly I am thinking 2012 spring now.