Thursday, January 6, 2011

5 Enviro Ministers In 5 Years

In the last 5 years of Tory government, we have had 5 different ministers of the environment. Do you think this is a problem? Many voices on the left hand side seem to think it is a problem. Even Rick Mercer was cracking jokes about it on Twitter. Meanwhile just saying 5 in 5 glosses over the fact that #3 recently retired from politics, #4 was a temporary fill in (and the guy who had the job previous to Prentice), and #5 replaced the guy who retired. To say 5 in 5 counts Baird twice and exaggerates the job turnover rate. But that doesn't stop Mercer from Tweeting "5 enviro ministers in 5 years. Alaskan crab fisherman is a safer job. Should be a reality show. Deadliest catch? Deadliest portfolio."

I don't know, but if I had any friends or family that died as a crab fisherman, I might not appreciate Rick's joke.


  1. Looking to the twitterverse in the Liberal-left for commonsense is like waiting for a lion to become a vegan.

    It simply won't happen. Most are too far indoctrinated in their one size fits all nanny government knows best.

    Critical-Independent thought is downplayed for the expert opinion that makes them feel good.

    These are the same people who have asked for billions to install giant fans and mirrors to help cool the planet.

    The adults in politics ignored the joke by ignatieff about his private parts.

    The left seem fixated on the ATV ride joke about our PM making up his own rules they have spent months on it in QP and press releases.

    The left don't think they are out of touch and they have as far as claimed the Rob Ford voters will vote for the Liberals in the next election.

    RM is an equal offender opportunist and will mock either side for laughs.

    John Daly is much less critical of his team.

  2. Everytime I hear a snide Liberal make a comment about how many Enviornmental Ministers there have been in the last 5 years, I smirk right back and ask how many Liberal leaders there have been (and will be) in the last five years.

  3. No problem here. Mostly a bullshit issue anyways.

  4. Canadians are not stupid,
    Liberals just treat them like they are.

    5 Lib leaders :
    Chretien, Martin, interim-Graham,
    Dion , Ignatieff

  5. And each leader since JC has taken the liberal seats in the HofC, down, down, down.
    Me, I am proud of our Fossil Awards.
    Mary T

  6. At least one of the ministers, Rona Ambrose, was replaced after months of criticism and demands for her removal by Liberals. I also recall some of them had trouble with her hair.

  7. All of the Ministers did a great job of not getting Canada into any ridiculous schemes of reducing world temperatures (which have not been truthfully or well-measured), extending the foil hat Kyoto agreement and committing Canada to trading carbon credits for the benefit or the mafia and Al Gore/George Soros. Some provinces have done that for us! We can also do better things with any foreign aid money, like the G-8 initiative. Dumping $$ into corrupt poor countries has enriched the Swiss bank accounts of leaders, thus we do not need a fake CO2 reduction bandwagon, as it will not influence anything of merit.

  8. Minister (Kent) vows not to let emissions rules hamper oil-sands investment

    “It is not our intention to discourage development of one of our great natural resources. We know it can be developed responsibly.”

    Thankyou Minister Kent.
    The oil patch is going full steam right now, and propping up Canada's economy.....