Friday, January 21, 2011

Iggy The Tourist

I would like to know how much money in total the Liberal party has spent on these frequent little cross country tours Iggy has been doing for little to no benefit. His personal numbers remain abysmal despite the repeated parading around our country like a high profile tourist. Look, just because you stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night, that does not mean you are qualified to run the country! They should turn this so-called Liberal express into a National Lampoon's movie with Paulie Shore playing Ignatieff. Iggy is about as likable as Paulie. If elected Prime Minister, Ignatieff has already announced his declaration that he would like in a hotel. Does anyone know if he sold his residence in Boston?

I watch the Liberals burning through cash on such futile ventures and I reminded of the term in economics of "sunk cost" or "a cost already incurred that is not able to be affected by subsequent actions and thus has no relevance in evaluating future decisions". It refers to businesses who make the mistake of continuing a project because of the money already spent. Sometimes organizations or even people will justify future spending on a worthless venture because of what they have already spent. When in reality, you have to look forward at future expected value against future costs. Live in the now, see that it isn't working, is not going to work, and cut ties. The money the Liberals have spent trying to get people to like an inherently unlikable man is a sunk cost. You can't recover it, and the asset (or liability) is never going to provide any significant return on their investment.

PS: I had originally written "terminate the project" in the above paragraph but changed it to "cut ties" because I did not want anyone to get the wrong idea...we're supposed to be civil right?


  1. I think his trips is "saving the furniture" tour trying to keep the shrinking base from falling back any further.

    Donations are down substantially so his message is NOT opening wallets.

    Elections Canada has numbers they were down over $ 600k in Q3 2010 vs 2009.

    The lack of recruiting star candidates in recently lost seats signify veterans don't believe the party can't stop the rising tide.

    The key is the lack of photographs to substantiate the "large crowds" cited in the puff pieces.

    How difficult is it to post a picture of a large crowd after 100 events?

    Based on angles I estimate around 50-150 people not including the media and staff for many events. (Best case scenario)

    Ignatieff may be making noise to deflect from the leadership convention this summer.

  2. Sun Media asked the question (Dec 30)

    Will Ignatieff ever become PM?

    So far, there are 1876 comments, lol