Monday, January 10, 2011

BC ABC: Anybody But Christy

In the campaign to replace BC Premier Gordon Campbell, I am joining the "ABC movement" Anybody But Christy Clark. I voted for the BC Liberals in the last election despite my dislike for Gordo because I really really don't want another NDP regime (my ballot had 3 choices; Liberal, NDP, Green). As someone who voted for that party I am strongly opposed to the leadership of Christy Clark. I don't like Kevin Falcon and I will be supporting George Abbott to become the next Premier of British Columbia. Please, please anybody but Christy!


  1. I'm not a big Clark fan but you're making a mistake. If it isn't Clark it's going to be Moe Sihota and Jim Sinclair. Think about what you're doing long and hard.

  2. Wd is right to fear electing the income killing NDP, because we all are truly disgusted with Gordo and the way he brought in the HST two days after the completion of an election.

    The 90's were a lost income decade for my spouse and I. We cannot let that happen matter what. The problem is that a fourth party like a long forgotten Conservative Party or a Social Credit Party just are not on anyones radar. Given the complete lack of any quality leaders, these other parties are mired in obscurity.

    What are we to do? Swallow hard and vote BC Liberal again? It's not right.

  3. To understand exactly why Christy Clark is unfit to be an MLA, let alone the Premier, go to Alex Tsakumis' blog and start reading the Basi Files.

    In short, she's a liar who is involved up to her neck in the theft of BC Rail, in spite of her denials and self-serving attempts to shut down the badly needed public inquiry.
    Like every single other Liberal MLA, she is complicit in this dirty, corrupt, and illegal sale.

  4. I held my nose and renewed my BC Liberal membership just so I could vote against Chark. Her leadership will just cause the large right side of the party to split and that will split the vote.
    We have enough Federal Liberals already.
    ABC Amen!

  5. Figure you would not want a women to get in.

  6. I agree... the ethically challenged Clark would be a big mistake for the Province. If people want the facts pertaining to the theft of BC Rail to continue being covered up than Christy Clark is the choice.

  7. Listen to the hyperbole here. Listen to the scare mongering from anonymous cowards. Don't like Christy then your some woman hating bigot who will let the NDP win.
    Now Christy is promising bread, circuses and another holiday. Canadians don't need another holiday. Our productivity is already behind the US and we need to get Canadians back working.