Monday, January 10, 2011

Sarah Palin's "Hit List"

As a public service announcement to Sarah Palin, I have to say that it is a REALLY bad idea for a politician to publish a "hit list" with political opponents pictured in the cross hairs of a sniper scope. The recent tragedy in Arizona, where a politician on Palin's "hit list" was actually shot by a gunman now reflects very poorly on Palin. I wish Gabrielle Gifford a speedy recovery, even if I disagree with her ideology. I understand that Palin did not make the hit list hoping that these people would actually be shot, but it looks really bad in the scope of hindsight. If she hasn't already taken down her list, she absolutely should.

I would also like to encourage her to stay on TLC instead of running for President.


  1. This post is not at all classy.

    Don't use this tragedy to take hits at Sarah Palin (who we know you don't like).

    In America these target lists are a dime a dozen.

    There's links floating around the internet to around a dozen lists, many made by the democratic party, which also use the target imagery.

    Giffords herself got elected in a year, 2006, where the democrats put out a map with targets on it just like Palin did.

    If you want to suggest to all Americans that they stop using target lists fine.

    Don't single out Sarah Palin to make a political point on the back of a human tragedy though.

  2. has plenty of target images, all posted by libs...

  3. Apparently she took it down that was the bigger mistake what is going on the sheriff of Tucson said that his city was a ''mecca''for violence tarek fatha changed that to ''ground zero''for violence.i know what she meant the left wing media knew what she meant, to exploit this tragedy in the way they did is shameful. I can't comment on TLC i enjoy your blog and read it when available cheers

  4. And don't forget Scott 'KILL HIM, KILL HIM DEAD" Reid.

  5. Good post, and as expected you're going to get a lot of people saying don't blame Sarah Palin for this. I'm not blaming her for trying to incite violence, but a grown woman like her who's so familiar with gun imagery in her country should know better.

    If she actually wants to start running for President, she needs to mature her attacks and concentrate on actually reaching out beyond the Tea Party base.

  6. I completely agree. Anything even remotely resembling assassination or violence should be avoided. Palin showed poor judgment.

  7. Iggy Targets 20 ridings..... CBC

  8. Oh for God's sake!!! It's bad enough that the battle is on against the looney left, but when otherwise seemingly sane people like yourself start to believe the rhetoric, it really is lost.

    How about all the cross hair maps the Dems put out. Sarah Palin had NOTHING to do with this - no matter how much you dislike her.

    How about Obama saying - if they bring a knife, we bring a gun.... how come no one is suggesting that that comment provoked this.

    I will tell you why...No One provoked this guy, he is a nutcase who was going to do what he was going to closed.

    Grow up...I am disappointed in what usually is a great blog.

  9. Iggy takes aim at rivals..... CTV

  10. AB Girl I agree, this usually is a great blog.

    But the writer is NOT a Palin fan.

    Really sad to see him repeating far left talking points that politicize a tragedy like this.

    Using the death of a 9 year old girl to score political points against Sarah Palin = NOT COOL

  11. People are "blamin' Palin", but it could have been anything this nutbar could have been "triggered" by - aliens, butterknives, cross country skis. But we don't even know yet WHAT triggered him. All we know right now is this guy is short a card from a full deck.

    See that is the thing about crazy people; they don't need a rational reason for the insane things that they do. And people with an axe to grind will use anything as a scapegoat. Now I don't like Palin much. I think she'd be a disaster as a Presidential candidate which would guarantee Obama a second term he doesn't deserve. But to go around "blamin' Palin" is just absurd.

  12. I agree fully Alberta girl.All the nut bars that blame Sarah Palin need to get another line of work or check into some mental institute for a few weeks.Kill him, Kill him dead Scott Reid could use the headlines,but c,mon Iceman the guy was a nut and was ready to blow anytime.Sarah on the other hand has more balls than O,bama and would make a better president.Like PM Harper in Canada,Sarah Palin has the MSM to fight and they are so disgusting that they even attack her family.Are you also scared of her intelligence Iceman??It is time to lay off the Sarah Palin bashing & concentrate reality and the truth.THE GUY WAS A NUT.

  13. I don't recall media types jumping to conclusions over the political motives of John Hinckley, when he shot Pres. Reagan. Turns out his motives involved Jodie Foster and a film Taxi Driver. He was judged to be insane and remains so. Is it too much to ask that commentators keep this in mind before they lash out at the reasons for this tragedy? Jared Loughner may turn out to be as stable as Hinckley, with no connection whatever to S. Palin.

  14. Go to this site

    to see that the Democratic Party back in 2004 had an electoral map with Bulls Eye targets. Democrats were doing this long before Palin and the Republicans - surprise surprise.

  15. I see absolutely no balance in this piece from you, Iceman, disappointing to say the least.

    Frankly, knowing that you have never liked SP, makes it simply an attack piece but at least you will get a big boom on, 'your hits'.

  16. Lets not forget that movie that was released a few years that portended to show how to assassinate then President Bush. The usual suspects who are freaking out over Sarah Palin's "Hit List" were utterly silent then.

    For me, the hypocracy and double standards in reporting bother me far more than any perceived political threats; whether they're Palin putting out a list of seats she'd like to see won, or Iggy's Liberals posting a cartoon of the PM getting shot.

  17. Listen to gifford's interview regarding the Palin hitlist. She was concerned that this type of vitriol would have consequences. Palin is a redneck gun toting self righteous moron. she should accept responsability of irresponsible campaigning and inciting violence

  18. Don't be too tough on Iceman. He's usually a "good" conservative.

  19. "Anonymous said...

    Listen to gifford's interview regarding the Palin hitlist. She was concerned that this type of vitriol would have consequences. Palin is a redneck gun toting self righteous moron. she should accept responsability of irresponsible campaigning and inciting violence
    January 10, 2011 3:32 PM"

    I look forward to you being critical of the Democrat and Lib/NDP coalition politicians when they make simialr (and usually far worse) attacks on their opponents.

    How will we know its you though since you posted Anonymously?


    MM has a whole raft of Democratic attack ads including things a lot more vicious than a riflescope superimposed over a State. The war on Bush had way more explicit violent against the President,Hollywood even made a Dem "wet dream" movie about his assassination.

    And WHO can ever forget the Jack Ruby-Lee- Harvey Harper photoshop that made the rounds a year or so back!

    I don't want Palin to run for Prez either,Ice, but to hang this on her is so WRONG,and hypocritical of the Democrats and their henchmen in the MSM.


  21. People seem to think that being "conservative" means taking the side of conservatives on every issue. I disagree. Unthinking allegiance is neither smart nor constructive, and on this issue Palin clearly showed poor judgment.

    And the fact that the Democrats committed precisely the same sin as Palin does not excuse her.

  22. I notice the CPC is "targeting" 45 ridings they hope to overturn. It never ends, does it?

  23. The only "good" thing that will come out of this tragedy is increased security for President Obama. I have always feared he would be assassinated, for obvious reasons, but also because his record would then be "whitewashed" and he would become a great president à la Kennedy. Also Hilary would probably then change her mind and run for President again.

  24. '' I understand that Palin did not make the hit list hoping that these people would actually be shot,
    but it looks really bad in the scope of hindsight.''

    Yes it does look bad, under the circumstances.

    And what looks even worse is the stomping on the deaths of the victims of a mentally deranged kid, for partisan purposes.
    So now what,
    the blame game causes some other deranged kid to take revenge against the Tea Party?

    Everyone needs to shut up.

  25. I detest anonymous commentors.
    If you cant even come up with a phony handle, what possible reason is there to read you comment.... trolls here to smear

  26. Ice man you are starting to be as lame as the lame-stream media,come on get real.You comment shows your wisdom is lacking.

  27. Why are you on a conservative website,because your comments are as dumb as a liberals maybe you should move to liblogs website.

  28. Liberal Scott Reid said "KILL HIM(PM) KILL HIM DEAD AND PUT HIM IN HIS GRAVE."
    This same ass works at CBC.
    Never once did Scott Reid ever issue a public apology to the PMSH. Nor does he intent too.

    I would take Sarah Palin one thousand times more that a wiff of a sec with Scott REID.

  29. I agree with your opinions most of the time, but not this time. There is nothing wrong with what she did. Each time a tragedy occurs, people try to explain in away by blaming something or somebody else.

    This guy was a lunatic and had a dislike for the congresswoman two years before Palin had that graphic.


  30. So tell us iceman,what is your real reason for your dislike of Palin?because I cannot believe you really are being true to what you wrote.Is it her Faith or Regan like polices, or you just don't think women should be in politics,there must be something deep, tell us will you?

  31. I support Iceman holding/sharing his view although I don't agree with him.

    My thoughts:

    Regardless of your personal views of Sara Palin or Conservatives, associating blame on her/political rhetoric regarding the Safeway massacre seems one sided and simply unfair. The use of "target" is appropriate and political correctness is not necessary.

    Each political party will try to spin/benefit from this senseless act of violence.

    This is not about right or left, political discourse: it is about not letting a tragedy to go to waste. This is our human nature.

    It is would be equivalent to blaming God when a natural disaster takes place.

    Dmorris has a good post.

    My thoughts are of the loss of life, not gun legislation or trying to assign blame.

  32. Sarah Palin’s putting politicians she doesn’t agree with on the internet with crosshairs is very inappropriate.
    She should be ashamed of her behavior especially now!

  33. Barack Obama has repeatedly sprinkled his political campaigning with words more appropriate to a street thug than the President of the United States. During his 2008 campaign he said in June, “If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun,” and in September, “I want you to go out and talk to your neighbors. . . . I want you to argue with them, get in their faces.” He kept it up during the recent midterm election with this comment: “If Latinos sit out the election instead of saying, ‘We’re gonna punish our enemies and we’re gonna reward our friends . . . .”

    SO IcePick, is it Okay for Hussein Obama to say the quote above?


    Are you a PC yourself?

    This article should of been on the CBC or TorStar website.

  34. when Palin orginally put the cross hairs upon facebook there were many commentators who expressed their concern that this could encourage violence. Putting gun targets on your opponents and encouraging people to bear arms is irresponsible and nonsensical behaviour. Palin has no place in politics... she should stay on relality TV for the trailer park trash public

  35. I find what is happening in The States very uncomfortable. Huge wealth is held in a few hands and the so-called middle class is being annihilated just as before The Great Depression. However, there are some major differences now; people are NOT working together, they don't have a Seabiscuit to dote on and they have a whole lot of guns in private hands. Guess it is just as well that many corporations are moving their work forces to more stable countries, like India and China.