Thursday, January 13, 2011

Party Subsidies?

Today's poll question; do you think that political parties should receive annual subsidies for each vote they get in general elections? The Prime Minister has declared his intention to campaign on eliminating the subsidy in the next election campaign, where the opposition parties have become largely dependent on these tax funded handouts to conduct day to day operations. The Bloc does virtually all their campaigning on party subsidies, and has to be the most ardently opposed to eliminating that source of funding. Ironically enough the Tories bring in the most money via vote subsidies by virtue of getting the most votes in the last two elections, and they are the ones who are going to campaign on eliminating it.


  1. It's a win win because they can prove they will suffer the biggest loss(pain) and they are the least reliant on the subsidy.

    The other parties will be unable to threaten, elections without the subsidy. Maintain their staff levels. They will be laid off unless actual supporters open their wallets. The opposition like NGO's will demand they are entitled to those entitlements.

    It will be a blast having them repeat the importance of keeping their Gravy train as vital to democracy.

  2. The subsidy does NOT promote democracy or true political discourse. It is welfare with all the intendant shortcomings of same. In the years before the defeat of the monolithic PRD (or whatever) party in Mexico - the Party financed the opposition to give the "appearance" of democracy.

    Michael St.Paul's

  3. I think the public is now ready for this discussion. Why should my tax dollars be used to support the left and separatists. They should raise money from their supporters and live with the consequences of a fund raising disaster. Conservatives are more than willing to donate money to their causes. The left needs to pony up - but what the hey, they are all about having someone else pay the way. Cheers.

  4. Harper seems to be suggesting that this particular item won't just be campaigned on, I suspect that this will be in the budget so he can force the opps to vote against it.
    That way none of them can say they would do the same during the campaign.