Friday, January 28, 2011

Rex Murphy: An Election Is Coming

Rex Murphy, one of the few remaining reasons to ever watch or listen to the CBC (kudos also to Don Cherry and Kevin O'Leary); had a fantastic monologue on the CBC on Thursday night. This is a must watch. Rex is adamant that all signs point to a spring election. He breaks it down beautifully, and I agree with his opinion. The only point where I would disagree with him, is that I don't think the NDP actually wants an election. They'll play tough to try and gain leverage, but their byelection results were nothing short of catastrophic. If they aren't shitting their pants, they bloody well should be. I do think that there are a number of Liberals who would like to see an election but don't think Ignatieff can win. They support other candidates, but realize that Iggy is going to get at least one election. They have already invested too much in this sunk cost, and would like to get it over with.

That's how I see it.


  1. For the most part I concur, however the message by the opposition parties is lost in the wind. Who in their right mind believes that Mr. Ignatieff could win an election with all the Liberal infighting? We are not privy to all that goes on within the back-rooms, but you can rest assured the pugilistic gladiators are in full swing. Not likely he will step aside and yes, his 15 minutes of fame will be up after the next election. I'll be able to say "I told you so!"
    Moving along, Jack Layton can promise the sun, moon and stars for he will never be able to claim the PMs job, not in 100 years.
    With all the added free backing by the MSM - CBC, CTV and the G&M their numbers still have not moved up.
    Some things never change and now I see that Scotty Brison is shilling for the UAE over in sand-land. I'm sure the UAE knows his party is not in power and he is likely over there hat in hand looking for financial dole.
    Well sir, they can take their sand and = Pound it!

    E Mac

  2. Interesting that Brison is the messenger, considering that they'd like to toss him off a building, what with him being queer & all. Arabs!!!

  3. I usually like to listen to Rex Murphy but in the last couple of weeks he seems to be couching his comments so as not to offend his boss too much.

    In this week's message he insists that the Conservatives are being duplicitous in stating that they do not want an election while starting their ad campaign against the Liberals as well as threatening to cancel the dollars per vote subsidy to the Parties if they get a majority.

    These actions were chronologically in response to the Liberal threats that they would not support the budget and were gearing up for an election. The actions were two shots over the bow of the Liberal ship to tell its captain to change course or his ship might get sunk.

    Their purpose was the very opposite to Rex's viewpoint, and I find it hard to believe that he does not know that.

    john Duff

  4. I already predicted an election in June,2011. It's nice to see Rex agrees.
    I'll go further,the result:

    Fascists: 146
    Socialists: 85
    Commies: 22


  5. I am hovering at 30% for a Spring election.

    Rex is wrong the business rate drop won't be in the budget. It is already the law and comes into effect every January.

    The opposition NEED to introduce a motion, three readings, pass the senate and get Royal assent.

    Good luck!

    I would like an election but am not convinced with all the tough talk.

    Gilles may be looking to jump ship to join the PQ if Marios is pushed out.

    Liberals have a convention in Ottawa.

    2012 Fall is need for pensions 5 years from 2006 MP (43)

    Can't see prov elections teams volunteering to help in the SPRING if they are going in the Fall.

    Depending how bad the polls are in March a flu may hit more than one opposition party.

    Can you imagine if the CPC were polling 42% just before the budget they would risk a 36 day campaign to drive those numbers down?

  6. The Liberal party is the media. The operating arm, the LPC is in disarray, that is why the media is puffed up to try and save the LPC. Boasting and noble puffery won't make a King of a mere page boy.