Friday, January 7, 2011

CTV Newsnet Fair And Balanced?

With all the furor and outrage by the mainstream media against the fledgling SunTV news over allegations it will be right leaning, you don't hear many people talking about the other Canadian news networks being left leaning. Actually, if you listen to the Charles Adler Show, you heard a very enlightening interview with Mark Bonokoski about exactly that on CTV's political show Question Period. To listen go to and look for the recording of the January 5th show, part 2 or download for free on ITunes. Charles does occasionally show up as a guest on CTV Newsnet, so he has a very educated opinion on this matter.

In the 2010 year review segment, regular Mr Fife called Census-gate the worst decision our government has ever made and everyone agreed with him. As Bonokosky put it, thank heavens we live in a country where the decision to make the expanded census voluntary was the worst decision our government has made! If that's the worst thing our government has done, then we must be in really great shape. Go to website and listen to the interview. Charles Adler is the best voice in the business.

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  1. no kidding. Kinda like Jeffery Simspon call the GST cut the worst decision is a generation. Really? I might go with official bilingualism myself; it has cost hundreds of billions and actually made Franco-Anglo relations worse.