Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Layton Embarks On Competing Tour

While Ignatieff tries to get his face on television with his latest hail mary, Jack Layton will be doing the same. Both will be focusing primarily on Tory ridings, which is no big surprise considering that Tories hold a large plurality of the seats in the Commons. Left minded pundits in the media are emphasizing the targetting of Conservative ridings and Iggy visiting some NDP ridings. Jack will be visiting almost exclusively Conservative ridings. Layton is ignoring ridings held by Gilles Duceppe, where Iggy is going to visit Montreal and Quebec City.

Word on the street today is that the NDP are ready for an election, and that the Liberals are allegedly absolutely determined to go to the polls in March. If this an election were to produce another Tory minority, I expect Iggy steps down, Bob Rae steps in, a coalition will be formed and the opposition will vote down the throne speech.


  1. wow great speech by Palin,if only Obama had half the brain Palin has.

  2. So Layton is going on tour - wonder if the UAE is on his list of places to visit. Lots of Liberal votes in that riding. lol Cheers.

  3. Do these guys really get paid by us to do this kinda shit??Shouldn't we be stopping their pay when they do this electioneering during non election time.

  4. What, no mention from Jack or Iffy about cancelling the F35 jet contract.....
    So did they figure out jobs in Quebec would be lost,
    or that first delivery is expected in 2016 so this budget is unlikely to have a 'jet expense' figure???

    Rae as interim leader would certainly be more pallatible to the Dippers than Iffy.
    But the Rae/Jack coalition could create a break away party of Blue Libs.
    It happened to Stock Day, it could happen to Iffy.

  5. After years of Dippers attached to the Liberal butt,
    who would have thought that the LPC would be in the position that their only way back into power is to kiss Dipper butt
    and give Jack and Olivia a cabinet seat!

  6. Someone better ask Iggy why he and his caucus have used every trick in the book for 5 years to make sure that the PM stays in power. By supporting the worst PM in history, doesn't say much for ethics in the liberal caucus. If they support all those horrible decisions the PM has made, I hate to think of the decisions a coalition would make.

  7. I would think Layton would do better targeting Liberal ridings. Those are obviously where the left-leaning voters are who might be convinced to turn from red to orange.

    I mean really, how much progress will Layton make targeting Calgary Southwest?