Sunday, January 16, 2011

Should MPs Host News Shows?

Today's poll question; should Canadian members of Parliament be hosting political shows on a major news network? Shabon Coady co-hosted CTV's Power Play on Friday, where many Sun TV detractors say that having partisans on TV news channels will destroy the fabric of our media. Personally I don't care if MPs co-host talk shows, I'd just like to see Conservatives get equal air time. I think Jason Kenney would be fantastic co-hosting a Sun TV news show on special occasions. But to all those people who say it is bad to have unapologetic partisans hosting shows in media, what about Coady? Should Don Newman be outraged that she co-hosted Power Play?


  1. Who knew that everything we have been told on ctv/cbc was the truth. Must have been as the crtc is about to make a change and allow misleading stories to be aired.
    CRTC may ease ban on broadcasting false or misleading news

    Lisa Raitt did a co-hosting with giggles a couple of days ago, but was only allowed to interview the leader of the Senate re women in politics.
    Mary T

  2. Funny how CTV picked one of the most hyper partisan loud mouth "Liberal actors they could find to "co-host". Who's next? Mark (the maggot) Holland?