Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Should Iggy Quit?

One of the big questions making the rounds of the Blogosphere is should the leader of the Liberal Party resign his position over to a new face? Somehow I suspect that if you polled Canadians on the question of Iggy quitting, you would probably find Liberals more eager for Iggy to leave voluntarily. Many Conservatives see Mike as an asset, much in the same mold of Stephane Dion, an uncharismatic elitist pseudo-intellectual that Canadians don't like. Those disenchanted Liberals have few options to force Iggy out, but if they think it is time for him to go as many polls suggest, their two choices are to hope he resigns or to have him fight an election, lose, and face a leadership review/contest.


  1. I hope Iggy get's turfed after an election, because the Lib's will say that they lost because of him. After they elect another leader, and he/she/it leads the Libs into another defeat, people will see just how out of touch Liberals are.

  2. Their problem is, though, there is no credible leader waiting in the wings. Rae is charismatic, but many would not trust him. Justine would give Harper a majority.

  3. Iggy leaving will not solve the liberal problems. Until a lot of those long serving liberal MPs realize they are also the problem, and resign, nothing will change. They must soon accept the fact they will never get back to the trough as long as they are there.
    And, their voters better think twice if they vote them in again, to stay in opposition, and possibly 4th party status.

  4. To answer your question, I give the answer that Spider Man gave Peter Griffin on Family Guy after the webslinger saved Peter's fat ass with a web.

    "Everybody gets one (election in Iggy's case)"

  5. I think Ignatieff has done a wonderful job on behalf of the CPC.
    In following the footsteps of Martin and Dion he has been able to drive his brand and personal leadership to new lows.
    I would support him keeping his job as leader until the party officially folds or breaks up into two groups.
    Let's show our Christmas spirit and wish him well in his employment at LPOC.

  6. Harper left the Hill for a period and returned to lead a united party.

    The Libs may be set to entertain a return of Belinda to run as leader.

    If she returned only holographically, it might even be fun. Kinda see-through just like Ignatieff.